Serena Williams Pregnant

    Serena Williams carries more body weight than many of her fellow stars on the court and this brings the pregnancy rumors to the forefront of the court.

    The world has been taken by storm by Serena and Venus Williams. Tennis stars from birth, these sisters have ruled the game of tennis for the last decade it seems and through it all, Serena Williams has held on to the same boyfriend. With success comes the ability to settle down a bit and start a family and thus the pregnancy rumors begin.

    Serena Williams is one of the most beautiful tennis stars in the world. She carries more body weight than many of her fellow stars on the court and this brings the pregnancy rumors to the forefront of the court. Serena Williams has been dating Jackie Long for many years. The star is 25 years old which is young in Hollywood, but she is also an athlete in one of the most difficult sports on earth. After fame, she decided to take some time off, the perfect time to get pregnant and have a baby.

    Serena Williams took time off from tennis in order to start her clothing line. During this time, rumors state that she wanted to settle down and start a family. But, the money express stopped on the clothing line and when the money stopped coming in, the star chose to return to the court in order to make money again. According to reports, she considered tennis to be her bread and butter. The pregnancy hopes were stashed for another day.

    Serena William's dad also sparked a few pregnancy rumors of his own. When his daughter lost a match everyone felt she would win, he stated that she was hiding something that could have affected her game. Daddy Williams is used to being in the media spotlight over the years and this could have been a ploy to take some pressure off of Serena Williams for the loss. The media took this to mean she was playing while pregnant and the rumors resurfaced again. There is little doubt that the majority of the rumors are falling on Serena Williams because of her unique build.

    Despite all of the pregnancy rumors flying from magazine cover to magazine cover, OK! Magazine has secured an interview with Serena William's representative. The rep stated that the tennis star is not pregnant. Supposedly she has no plans on getting pregnant either. In another interview she joked that the future of the media coverage will undoubtedly hold a pregnancy between Serena Williams and an alien.

    The future is bright for Serena Williams and her sister Venus Williams. They are not getting any younger, however and need to find some other form of making money before their bodies will no longer withstand the force of the court. As Serena Williams enters into her 30s, the body will not react as quickly as the 20 year old tennis stars and the time to hit the court will begin to fade. Maybe this will be the time when we finally get to see a Serena Williams pregnancy.