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TTC Myths

Seven Fertility Myths Preventing You From Getting Pregnant

You may not have put a lot of thought into getting pregnant. Not everyone plans, charts, or tries to predict ovulation. A lot of couples just let nature take its course and see what happens. On the other hand, some couples purchase bbt thermometers, ovulation kits, and plan intercourse on a schedule, but still don’t get pregnant. There are several misconceptions about ovulation and when to have intercourse. These myths and misconceptions could be keeping you from getting pregnant.

Myths About Eating During Pregnancy

There are many eating myths in pregnancy and most are not true. At BabyMed we inform you about what is true and what is not.

Is Female Infertility Usually Responsible for a Couple's Infertility?

Is female infertility usually responsible for a couple's infertility?

Can Female Orgasm Cause Ovulation?

Myth: Female orgasm can cause ovulation to occur.

Myth: Women Are Fertile Throughout Cycle

Myth: Women are fertile and can get pregnant at any time during their cycle.

TTC and Orgasm

Does orgasm kill sperm when trying to conceive (TTC)?

Fertility Myths That Could Prevent You From Getting Pregnant

The truth about fertility myths and getting pregnant myths that will prevent you from getting pregnant.

Fertility and Blood Groups

My husband and I have different blood groups. Does this affect fertility?

Robitussin and Fertility

Does Robitussin help fertility?

Does Aspirin Improve Fertility?

Studies have shown that there is a possible improvement of pregnancy success when women who have IVF take baby aspirin. There is no conclusive proof that baby aspirin improves fertility in the average woman.

Ejaculation outside panties

Could I get pregnant if he never inserts the penis into my vagina, but ejaculates outside on my panties and they get wet?

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