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Predicting gender at 12 weeks-how accurate?

I am wondering how accurate an ultrasound was to determine the sex of my baby at 12 weeks. I went for an ultrasound today to do the nuchal translucency test, and since the baby was not cooperating, I had to move around a lot. The ultrasound tech was able to see every possible angle of the baby, including a shot of the butt and the legs straight up. Right between the legs we were able to see a penis. She said she is almost positive it is a boy. I didn't think it was the umbilical cord b/c it was not long, but rather small (the size one would expect for a penis between legs). However, when I spoke with the high risk doctor he said that it is unreliable at such an early age, even though she had a revealing shot (and what else could it have been - I can understand not being sure in the case of a girl, but it seemed very obvious that it was a boy. How accurate do you think this is??? Thank you very much for your help.

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By: Candlechic15 On: Nov 30, 2006  1:11PM

good luck girls!

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By: blackbeauty On: Nov 29, 2006  2:57PM

YOU GUYS WERE RIGHT....couldnt see a thing..........

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By: Mommy_Sam On: Nov 26, 2006  5:19PM

I just watched a tv show on discovery the other night and it showed conception to birth and until like 15 weeks the boys and girls are the was strange looking but it showed how it changed into the different sexes....Sam is right, they are from the same cells...

I am having u/s at nearly 17 weeks and I am worried about a mistake....Most places say at least 18 to be sure....So I am scheduling a 3D in Jan where I will be 19 weeks and can be much more sure....I think the cheapest package is 89.00 for a mid week appt, weekends are higher...


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By: mom2jka On: Nov 26, 2006  1:36PM

It could go either way, but I would wait until I have at least one more ultrasound to confirm. I had a friend that was told she was having a girl and it came out a boy, so I don't trust ultrasounds much anymore! What a shock it was for her!

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By: blackbeauty On: Nov 26, 2006  5:24AM

my us is tuesday cant wait

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By: mello_one On: Nov 20, 2006  7:00AM

I think it may of been very hard to see it but incredibly possible depending on perfect angle and quality of machine. They are there at 12 weeks.

Only a little longer and you will probably get another ultrasound.

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By: blackbeauty On: Nov 18, 2006  3:42AM

i read that everything is developed already at 12 weeks

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By: MomOfSuperheros On: Nov 12, 2006  9:53PM

I think at 12 weeks they all look pretty much like boys, since the sex organs haven't done their "thing" yet...?

I swore I saw penises with both my kids, and while they are both boys, I was seeing the umbilical cord LOL.

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By: Mommy_Sam On: Oct 28, 2006  4:04PM

With my last child my ds, I was told with three different sonograms, 14, 19 and 22 weeks he was a girl by three different docs, and at 38 weeks another doc (I had a large 8 doc practice that rotated) doppler broke last minute and she was using the sonogram machine to check her appts, and low and behold she asked if I wanted to know the sex and I said I knew it was a girl, she said she would bet her career and license it was a I take all the sonograms with a grain of salt, my ds had pink everything because we had a shower for a girl...

The only other explanation was my oldest dd kept praying every night and I mean every night without fail, that she would have a baby brother and perhaps her with her pure heart, the Lord changed our baby from girl to boy to answer her prayer....

Our sonograms sure looked like girls until last one....It was a funny story to tell, but I was shocked to hear different at 38 weeks........


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By: tklavender On: Aug 11, 2006  8:30PM

With ds at 12 weeks they told us they thought it was a girl, but not positive. This baby we didn't look too hard at 12 weeks while having the sono, but later watched the video at home and caught a glimpse of what looked like boy parts. Just had the 16 week sono, it IS a boy! I was told/have read everything is fully developed, right down the the ovaries, just to small to tell at that point.

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By: mommy4284 On: Jul 29, 2006  6:12AM

I was told until 28 weeks that I was having a boy.. She is the frilliest girl I've ever seen... Dont rely on it prior to 16 weeks with a VERY good shot..


My daughter was "swollen" from hormones and that looked like a boy.

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By: Sam On: Jul 27, 2006  7:22AM

12wk u/s ar not very accurate as the reproductive organs aren't developed fully at that point. remember the same cells are used to form both the female & male genatalia so they look very, very similar until full development

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By: swtp2001 On: Jul 27, 2006  5:59AM

I am not sure I would rely on a 12 week u/s. I had to go to the ER last night (I slipped yesterday and fell, but luckily caught myself before my tummy hit) and seeing my baby at 11 1/2 weeks, I just don't see how it could be accurate before 15-16 weeks (and even at that point mistakes are sometimes made). I agree with Lindsay--I wouldn't paint or buy clothes (unless you go with neutral colors that either sex could wear) until later. Good luck!


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By: linds33 On: Jul 26, 2006  3:11PM

I think as far as I've is really hard to tell at 12 weeks...I think that 15 weeks is the earliest that they usually will tell you, but if the tech said she thought it was a boy can go with that, but I wouldn't start buying clothes or painting the room until you have another U/S to confirm it!! Lindsay