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For all you lucky ladies with a BFP...did you have sex ON the day you ovulated or before?

Just curious! If you are pregnant (and congrats to you!) did you BD on the day you ovulated, or did you BD before the day you ovulated?

AND..if you know already, are you having a boy or a girl?

Thank you! Wishing you all a happy and healthy 9 months! <3 TinyTreasures

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By: atlanta_girl On: Feb 25, 2009  8:42AM

I know what you mean seems so surreal for me too. I've had my tubes tied for close to 12 years (at the age of 21 cause I had 3 kids already) so this is all pretty new again. Happy & healty 9 months!!

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By: andi_b On: Feb 24, 2009  6:37PM

I ovulated 3 days before I expected to (not using a monitor) and we BD 2 days before and day of O. I had no idea that your O date can change and I got my BFP at 12 DPO. I keep taking a test every few days because it seems so surreal. Congrats to everyone riding the HUGE baby train this month, and of course all the other mommies to be who are well on your way. Take care!

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By: atlanta_girl On: Feb 24, 2009  5:36PM

We also did it the 2 days after, just in case BabyMed was off.

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By: atlanta_girl On: Feb 24, 2009  5:34PM

We did it every other day, then both days before we ovulated.

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By: malatruskawa On: Feb 23, 2009  5:50PM

Also every other day, it turned out to be the day before ovulation.


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By: musicmom On: Feb 22, 2009  7:28PM

I was always told to do the every other day thing, and it worked for us. We ended up BDing the day before and after.

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By: SpeedyE On: Feb 22, 2009  6:25PM

I suggest everyday, that way all chances are covered.

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By: ecrnj On: Feb 16, 2009  3:58PM

either 1 or 2 days before O

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By: Vairam On: Feb 12, 2009  7:35AM

We BD on Saturday evening and O'd on Monday evening.

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By: emadolphin2 On: Feb 11, 2009  7:54PM

We BD 2 days prior and the day of.

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By: obaby On: Feb 4, 2009  10:26AM

TinyTreasures, what's BabyComp?

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By: obaby On: Feb 4, 2009  4:50AM

Here is my chart. We ended up the day before and after the evaluated o. Who knows what gender it will bring!

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By: Sunsicle On: Feb 3, 2009  7:26AM

We bd'd 2 days before O and on the O day.... and we were blessed with a little girl. Congrats!!!!!!!

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By: CVELJ25 On: Jan 31, 2009  10:55AM

We Bd'd the two days prior to O day. I was upset that we had missed O day and got my BFP @ 10 DPO!!

Here's my Chart:

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By: TinyTreasures On: Jan 31, 2009  6:06AM

I am happy to say I can join this group and post my own message - BFP! We BD 3 days in a row before O, not the day of O. BabyComp predicts a girl, we'll see!

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By: Love16 On: Jan 20, 2009  6:20PM

I BD two days before my O. We were too tired to do anymore. I had a boy.

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By: Saber4 On: Jan 19, 2009  3:43PM

we bd 4 days straight during my fertile windows and the day after my 1st peak. So, I had a girl.

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By: cynmarie On: Jan 19, 2009  11:32AM

We pretty much went all out too BD in the days leading up to O but didn't BD on O day (assuming BM correct with that date). Personally, I think I probably ovulated a day before since given when my OPK tested positive and fertility monitor peak days.... We won't know the sex until March.

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By: Mommy_Sam On: Jan 16, 2009  7:47PM

We were 3 days before and none after.....have girl......

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By: TXMommyNicole On: Jan 16, 2009  5:16PM

We covered at least the 3 days before O and once on O day, I believe. We're having a boy. Here's my chart!

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By: laurat On: Jan 15, 2009  7:13AM

Here's my chart. My DH and I tend to go all out and BD every day from the time I get a light line on the OPK to the day my temp rises. He loves it!

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By: Natty1983 On: Jan 15, 2009  6:21AM

It was before O...

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By: Natty1983 On: Jan 15, 2009  6:20AM

I think it was the day before, and the day of O... I'm not positive, I'll post my chart. We had a boy.

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By: rosykat On: Jan 15, 2009  5:01AM

Oops sorry here is my chart.

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By: rosykat On: Jan 15, 2009  5:01AM

Here is my chart. We did BD on O day but that is mostly because I got a peak on my monitor really early. I was actually aiming for before O because I would love a little girl, but I O'd on CD11 instead of 14 which is when I normally O.

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By: missesm On: Jan 15, 2009  2:52AM

Our fertility specialist gave us a 3 day window... so we did it once the first day, 3 times the next day and once the last day...

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By: TinyTreasures On: Jan 14, 2009  12:32PM

Thanks for posting your chart...I'd love to see more BFP charts posted!

I'm still in the 2ww but I can't believe we BD 3 straight days beforehand and 3 straight days afterhand, but missed the actual O day. I know there is still a chance, but I think its crazy we missed it like that.

<3 TinyTreasures

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By: fancy On: Jan 14, 2009  11:19AM

On the day before....I remember being upset that we were both just tooooo exhausted to BD on O day. Here's my BFP chart

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By: Tammy01 On: Jan 14, 2009  10:40AM

good question, I have also wondered about that as well