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How long does it take for HCG levels to drop.

How long after the bleeding stops does it take for the HCG levels to go to zero.....and I am reading that another sign of miscarriage is a lower back ache...does this accompany the bleeding or does it start after the bleedign stops...I am so confused....I was told last week that my HCG levels were too low and werent multipling as they should so i would be having a miscarriage I bleed very very heavily with clots for 7 days straight...if you add the spotting days it was a total of 10 days of bleeding...and then this nasty back ache started....and I tested positive to another HPT after the bleeding has stopped...Thanks to all who can help clear up my confused mind....

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By: DELILAH On: Dec 5, 2006  5:52AM

Thanks Kat, I went to the Dr this mornign and know nothing more than when I walked in...basically they took my blood and said that depending on what the HCG comes back as...we will decide our next move...I may be back in today for the U/S.....they said that they really cant see anything until my numbers are in the thousands so unless my numbers go up they have to assume this pregnancy is in my uterus but cant explain the amount of bleeding and the hcg numbers....I will let you know...she did say they wont interfere with this pregnancy unless they now for sure it is implanted outside the if my numbers go down even alittle than they will just keep drawing blood every 5 days until I am back to zero....I will keep you posted...thanks so much for your help

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By: KATT On: Dec 5, 2006  2:52AM

delilah- it took about 3 weeks for my hcg to get to 0 but it was around 3000 and I was 8 weeks when I had the d and c. I am seriously worried about you. I don't think you should be having all the bleeding you have had and still have hcg #'s where they are. I wish you good luck today at your appt.


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By: mondk On: Dec 4, 2006  2:44PM

It took my hcg about a month to get to 0 after my m/c. Once AF started though, it dropped pretty quick...I'd say within a couple weeks. HTH! Sorry for your loss.

Blessings, Michelle

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By: StephH On: Dec 4, 2006  1:59PM

hhhhmmm....i would go in and have them do another beta for sure. Have they been monitoring you? When I had my mc I have blood taken every 48 hrs until the hcg was 0. Are they doing that for you? I think I bled for a little over a week. By the time the bleeding stopped though my hcg was 0.