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24 Weeks Belly Pic and Baby Face Pics

Hey Everyone! Here's the progress ...... Feeling rather big :)

Again sorry for the see-thru shirt, but just imagine it's summer... could be a bathing suit LOL!

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By: debgell On: Nov 28, 2007  3:52AM

You look great! I love the baby pics too. I was also told that the suggested weight gain was reduced. They only wanted me to gain 30 with twins and I believe I gained 29.

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By: AuntieB On: Nov 27, 2007  4:02PM

can you believe you're almost in the third tri? that's great! becky

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By: Miss-T On: Nov 27, 2007  10:42AM

I love how you made art with his 3D pick..I can never figure out how to look at them cool way to do it... Belly shot looks great..

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By: tranmattv00 On: Nov 26, 2007  1:23PM

You look great! And VERY cute pics!

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By: JennTeacher On: Nov 21, 2007  5:18PM

Have any of you had the privilege of having your Dr. tell you that you had "quite a weight gain" since your last appointment? That's what my dr. said to me!! I gained 7 lbs. in a month, which brings my total up to like 13 or 14. I don't think that is so bad considering I am finally able to enjoy food again.

Ang, I love the 3D pic but the drawing is even better! I'm thinking about possibly doing a 3D one soon.

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By: honeybee29 On: Nov 21, 2007  7:41AM

You're looking good and baby is so the 3d pics!

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By: stevella On: Nov 21, 2007  6:16AM

You look amazing and the baby looks cool, especially with the 'touch up'.lol

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By: Reebee On: Nov 21, 2007  2:34AM

Becky that's really good, especially with your height and that you're having two babies. I wouldn't worry about that at all! I gained about 7 lbs. in my first trimester and I am only 5'4". You're doing great in my opinion.

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By: AuntieB On: Nov 20, 2007  4:30PM

i'm pretty worried about weight too. i gained 2 pounds in first 12 weeks and then when i went back one week later...i gained another 3. 3 in one week! ouch! not sure what that's all about. but you both look great and are doing great! i'm 6' 0'', does that mean i can go wild? :) becky

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By: runner On: Nov 20, 2007  2:23PM

I'm 5'6", and I guess I don't look like I've gained weight to people just looking at me, but I can tell that my legs and arms are bigger (just from being a runner-I used to be actually toned-now I just feel flabby!). Dh just ran a marathon and was running 140 miles per week and needless to say, I believe I now outweigh him! I used to weigh about the same as you and now I'm in the 130s!

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By: swanner77 On: Nov 20, 2007  6:21AM

Those are great pics! He's adorable!

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By: runner On: Nov 20, 2007  5:54AM

Angie-you've gained only 15 lbs? I've gained 25 and I though it was because I was underweight. You were underweight, too, right? now I'm nervous...

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By: Reebee On: Nov 20, 2007  2:17AM

You look great!! And I could see the baby's face without your added

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By: Sunsicle On: Nov 19, 2007  6:27PM

You look great Angie!!!! And I love the pics - your baby looks adorable!!!! I especially like the added colour thanks to paintshop!!! Tee hee!

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By: AuntieB On: Nov 19, 2007  6:17PM

angie- you look great... nice bathing suit too! you're doing great and what a great shot of your baby's face! 3D u/s is so cool! becky

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By: IndyMom On: Nov 19, 2007  4:37PM

You look wonderful and your little guy is a cutie.

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By: naty On: Nov 19, 2007  3:24PM

You look fabulous, your baby is just adorable - you have every reason to be this excited! God bless the two of you!

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By: cakeman On: Nov 19, 2007  2:44PM

You should totally frame that and hang it!!! That's hysterical but also very cool....It's like a piece of art!!! ;0)

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By: runner On: Nov 19, 2007  12:23PM

that's hilarious! I could totally see it, which is amazing because I can never figure the u/s pics out! You look great by the way!

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By: cakeman On: Nov 19, 2007  9:06AM

Oh Angie...How adorable!!! you and the babe!!!!! You look amazing as usual...I can totally see his little face!!! It's fantastic!!! Are you okay from the cyst-like pain??

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By: calillie On: Nov 19, 2007  8:33AM

Very cute!!! You look great too!!! Corrie