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Heavy Period after D&C

This is my second period after my D&C and it is heavy and clotty like the first one. I feel so disgusted. Is this normal to clot so much? I usually have a heavy period with cramps but this is enough!! I hope it is not a bad sign. Because I really want to try agaih after it goes away. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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By: Love16 On: Nov 19, 2006  6:38PM

Hi. I'm glad you got AF. I'm sorry your had a horrible experience with your D&C. Mine was not bad at all, I didn't have any heavy bleeding and very mild cramps. I guess everyong is different. Please take care of yourself and take those irons pills, you will need them so your body and stay strong for when you do try again. Good luck.

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By: lmfinnegan On: Nov 19, 2006  5:31PM

LOVE, I just got my first af since the DNC it was horriable.I thought I was going to bleed to death.It was that bad.My cramps were normal.I even went and got some iron because I was loosing so much blood.

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By: Lorna84 On: Nov 18, 2006  3:33PM

I just got my first af after my m/c and even though I dont have cramps which is very unusual for me, my af is alot more heavier

good luck all

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By: Love16 On: Oct 23, 2006  3:42PM

Hi JD1, I'm glad you got AF so you can get started again. I am on my third AF cycle and it is a lot less heavier and no cramps, it unusal for me. I wish you luck. And hopefully next month will be our month. Take Care.

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By: JD1 On: Oct 23, 2006  8:31AM


I got my first af since my m/c yesterday and i have to agree it is much heavier than my af is normally. We were told to wait one af, so we are now going to try again.

I dont think it is a bad sign, i think it is just your body getting back to normal after what it has been through.

Good luck ttc again!!

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By: Kristine23 On: Oct 10, 2006  11:06AM

I have had three af since my d&c...they have all been very heavy the first two/three days. More so then before. I started ttc after one cycle although my doctor told me to wait. This is our third cycle ttc.