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Does implantation occur more quickly during IUI? I read somewhere that it occurs faster with IVF, but didn't know if that was the case for IUI.

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By: mj4252 On: Jan 26, 2007  8:15AM

Hi...I recall asking that question after my 1st IUI. I thought I was pregnant cause I had this sticky white discharge (a common early preggo sign for me). But I really don't think you implant any earlier...cause the IUI is not doing anything other than ensuring that a really good sperm sample is ready and waiting when the egg pops.

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By: leslie815 On: Jan 26, 2007  8:02AM

Hey Kendal - forgot about this post!

I'm actually in Peoria, but it is cold and supposed to get colder.

I'm not sure I have any "signs". My boobs always tingle/get sore and they are slightly tingling. Sometimes I have cramps, but can't tell if they are bowl-type cramps or not. I have had an increased appetite (but was sick last week), and was unusually tired yesterday despite my late afternoon coffee!

Holding out hope that one of the 300+ million spermies found a way to fertilize hopefully a released egg!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you too! Any signs?

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By: ksk On: Jan 24, 2007  1:27PM

Hi Leslie, weather here today is cold, the kind that reaches the bone. It's not a super low temperature, but the dampness is what makes it feel so uncomfortable. Was working on my laptop at Starbux all bundled in long down coat with down scarf... ridiculous. Came home to my 90-degree apt to warm up.

How is it in Chicago? You guys must be really chilly over there! How are you feeling? any unusual promising signs? Crossing my fingers for you. I hate to think you and your DH are going to take an indefinite break after this cycle if it's not a success.

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By: leslie815 On: Jan 24, 2007  7:29AM

I thought since the sperm were inserted closer to the egg, that it would take less time for the sperm and egg to "get together". But then again, the fertilized egg needs to travel to the uterus and snuggle in.

How are you doing Kelly? How's the weather in NY????

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By: ksk On: Jan 23, 2007  9:50AM

I don't think Implantation occurs faster with IUI. I don't even think it occurs faster with IVF, though I'm not certain about that one. I know the whole GIFT vs ZIFT vs IVF is to address some of that how-to-time-(or-help)-implantation, but I would guess that certainly in IUI, the egg has to come down and mix with the sperm just like she would in any natural cycle.

Actually... when I have a little energy, would be good to Google the whole science behind implantation, like why would it occur sooner or later. Could it be hormonally influenced (in that case IVF could make implantation occur sooner because they're pumping you with hormones)?

I guess I've always thought it just depends on luck, like whenever that little zygote bumps into the lining. Kind of like bumper cars. But that's just the picture in my reality and there's no factual basis that i know of for it.

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By: aloha On: Jan 23, 2007  5:40AM

not sure

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By: hopebaby07 On: Jan 23, 2007  5:15AM

i read that implantation occurs 6-12 days after the last IUI.....