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where's my period?

Ok, last month after two years of trying and 2 failed IUIs my husband and I decided to give it a break for a while. I never thought I was stressed but as soon as we decided this it was like a ton of pressure was released. It felt wonderful to just relax and breathe with out thinking of baby, baby, baby. We've had all the tests SA, Lap, HSG, Blood work and everything is fine, I'm only 30 so we felt we had a bit of time before we needed to jump into IVF. Well anyway, today is day 36 and I haven't started my period nor do I feel like I'm about to. Before clomid/femera I didn't ovulate every month and my cycles were 28-34 days. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. This didn't surprise me because I don't even think we BD anytime around when I should have ovulated. I'm guessing I didn't ovulate this month but where is AF? Last cycle when I started my period I passed a large gray tissue substance and some of the women thought it might have been a MC. It wasn't like a normal clot at all. It was hard. If this was a MC does that mess up your cycle? Also I've had EWCM for 2 weeks on and off again. I had some just yesterday! When I was on the meds I had it 1-1 1/2 days top. What do you think is going on here?

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By: LadyGrayer On: Feb 24, 2008  5:56PM

Katie, I hope that you are doing okay.

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By: Girly_girl On: Feb 23, 2008  6:46PM

Katie- Hope you are doing well.

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By: sc_tc On: Feb 21, 2008  10:09AM

Hi KT1, Without the blood test results it's hard to pinpoint exactly where you are in your next cycle. I'm assuming the $85 is for a progesterone test, HCG (pregnancy) test, Estrogen (Estradiol) test and LH test. I would call and ask. All those hormones are important to know the levels in order to determine your current staus and cycle status.

There is a progesterone cream available over the counter and you can find it at WalMart. I don't know if it works as well as a progesterone prescription like Provera. I would assume if you use the cream at least twice a day for about 6 days and then stop, that perhaps your period will start due to the drop in progesterone. Without progesterone, you will not start AF until the uterine lining gets too thick from all the excessive estrogen and you will have breakthrough bleeding which isn't a real period and doesn't involve the progesterone hormone.

I would think all of this will depend on where you are in your cycle and if you are about to ovulate it would be worse to use progesterone as it can prevent ovulation if taken too soon. The negative thing about just waiting it out is that you are experiencing excessive estrogen which over the long-term isn't a good thing. The progesterone balances the negative effects of estrogen dominance.

Have you tested again to confirm you aren't pregnant?

Sorry, I couldn't be much help. If I were in your shoes I'd get the blood test for all those hormones I mentioned and start Provera if possible. Steph

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By: musicmom On: Feb 21, 2008  9:56AM

I'm not sure what you can do to induce your AF if you didn't ovulate. I'm sorry I dont' have a better answer for you. You can just wait it out. Good luck, ape

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By: KT1 On: Feb 21, 2008  8:57AM

still haven't started my period, nor do I feel like I'm about to. RE said I would need to come in and take a blood test ($85) and then they would give me provera (no idea what that will cost) Anyone know of ways to help bring on your period without meds. I would rather be natural. I know that its not a lot of $ but I'm tired of putting all this crap in my body. We're taking a break from trying for a while too so is it really that important to take the provera...maybe I should just wait it out. Any advice?

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By: kmcg10 On: Feb 19, 2008  1:59PM

Hope all is well!


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By: sc_tc On: Feb 18, 2008  10:44AM

Hi KT1, I hope they will prescribe Provera or some other type of progesterone so you can start your period soon. Long cycles usually mean you didn't ovulate unless of course, you're pregnant. Good Luck! Steph

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By: KT1 On: Feb 18, 2008  10:20AM

Well, I'm going to put a call into my RE. Its day 39, no period, no signs of period, and no + HPT. Its so weird. I've never had a cycle this long! I'm guessing my body is just not used to being off the clomid and femera so its not sure what to do now that its on its own.

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By: Girly_girl On: Feb 17, 2008  1:02PM

Katie- How are you doing? The first month I ever took clomid, I was very late with my period. I took a HPT and of course it was negative. I called my dr's office and the nurse said that the clomid may have prolonged the days in my normal cycle. She told me that they have a medication that will start my period if they do a blood test and I was indeed not preggo. I called on on a Friday, and she told me to wait for Monday to see if AF arrived on the weekend. Well, it I'm hoping either you are preggo or AF will come soon so you can move forward.

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By: LadyGrayer On: Feb 16, 2008  9:22AM

Rita has a good point..cervical position is not something that is always by the book, so just have fun...sometimes i have ewcm before AF-sometimes not-our bodies do things different all the time. Its NEVER the same..

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By: choosymom On: Feb 16, 2008  5:18AM

Hi KT1! You can't always go by cervical position. Mine is always completely opposite to where the books I don't even go by that!

I'd say go ahead and bd, with all that EWCM!

Love & BAbies, soon!! rita

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By: KT1 On: Feb 15, 2008  2:35PM

Thanks Steph. The women on here are always so helpful. Good luck to you too! Katie

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By: sc_tc On: Feb 15, 2008  12:58PM

Hi KT1, By the way the length of the total menstrual cycle doesn't matter in determining if AF is late or not. It is the length from the time you ovulate until the period starts that is usually very consistent - this is called the Luteal Phase. So if you ovulated late, you could still have a period 14 days after your ovulation date and you not be considered late. Strange but that's how it works....

Most women will experience breakthrough bleeding i.e. the lining gets so thick from not ovulating due to estrogen that it breaks/sheds without the required drop in progesterone levels that start AF.

I know that several women on BM who didn't ovulate started AF 4 to 5 days late. However, there were others that took many, many days for AF to show up. In those cases, the Dr. prescribes Provera (a form of progesterone) to get AF to start as it's the drop in progesterone that causes the lining to shed.

Corrie knows more about this than I, as I've never not ovulated yet. (I know as I begin perimenopause, it will be inevitable that I'll have anovulatory cycles and at my age it could happen anyday but so far that hasn't happened yet).

Good Luck! Steph

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By: KT1 On: Feb 15, 2008  8:05AM

So you think I might be starting my next cycle w/out ever having my period? Before, even when I didn't ovulate I would always have my period and always by day 34 for sure. I know I'm not pregnant bc I used one of those clear blue early response test yesterday and it was neg. Surely by day 34 it would have shown up + if I was pregnant. Also, sorry if this is TMI but last night my husband told me after we had sex that he could really feel my cervix. I know nothing about where the cervix should be during a cycle except it should be high during ovulation. Who knows, I'll just wait patiently for AF!

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By: sc_tc On: Feb 15, 2008  6:19AM

Hi KT1, Well, it's hard to say. Cervical Mucus is also heavy when one is pregnant. A blood test could determine best whether you are pregnant.

If not and you didn't Ovulate this month, then it is likely the hormones (estrogen causes CM to increase) getting ready for your next cycle. As follicles grow, ovaries release more estrogen hence, more CM. You may have to wait for breakthrough bleeding to occur to start AF as you need Progesterone to keep cycles on a normal routine. You didn't make any progesterone if you didn't ovulate. So your cycle is just starting over with the other hormones and you may ovulate without ever starting AF. Steph


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By: naty On: Feb 15, 2008  6:15AM

Gosh KT, I have no clue what could be happening. Can you call your RE?