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Clear blue easy unipath data card ?'s

Hi Ladies~ I'm new to babymed.My dh and i have been ttcing almost three years. I just bought the clear blue easy fertility monitor and I am the 2nd owner. I was wondering if the unipath data card is important. It didn't come with one and i was wondering if i need to order one or what? What would you ladies do? Thanks a bunch! :)Bridgett

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By: JMack On: Oct 8, 2009  7:11AM

The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor does not come with the monitor! I wanted a data card too, but didn't know what was going on so just called the 800 number a minute ago. The service rep. said that it is for trouble shooting and downloads the information so you won't loose it if you are having trouble with your monitor. She told me I din't need it, and the monitor is just fine without it. It would be nice if they would explain that in the instruction manual under #5 "The Data Card Slot". If you would like to find out for yourself, the number is 1-800-321-EASY(3279). If you need instructions on how to reset your monitor to new, just type in "how to reset my clearblue easy fertility monitor" on your search. Hope this helps some of you.

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By: simontonjr On: Apr 24, 2007  7:43PM

Has anyone found where to obtain the memory card for the clear blue easy fertility moniter?

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By: ker310 On: Oct 16, 2006  4:16PM

Hey girls I posted this in another section but here it is again. Don't worry about the card...

Hi girls, So I just want to share a little bit of may already know but for those of you who don't...

I ordered a Clear Plan Easy Fertility Monitor off of Ebay and I had to find away to erase all of the information on it because it was going on the information of the previous owner and it was not telling me to test during the time it was best for me so I have been searching for a way to reset it. I called the company and they said you can't (because they want you to buy one every time you try to conceive) anyways here is what I found out and it works, my FM is now reset. (I know a lot of girls buy these off of Ebay like me so it is good information to have).

What you do is:

Unwrap one test stick and while the monitor is still off, insert the test stick into the test stick slot.

Simultaneously, press and hold down the "on" button on the side of the monitor, while you press and hold down on the "m" button.

Continue to press down on both buttons until you see in the window a whole bunch of symbols -- this will take a few minutes (first thing to come up will be a symbol telling you to take stick out... ignore it).

When you see the screen flash up with all the symbols, release both buttons and take out the test stick.

You'll know you've done it right because the screen now should have two flashing lines where the cycle day indicator is (upper right corner).

If the two lines are flashing.... When you next get your period, on Cycle day 1 (the first day you see full red blood flow on a pad, not the day you start spotting) press the "m" button until the flashing lines turn into a "1" --- release the "m" button.

If you miss setting the monitor on your CD 1, don't worry. You have up until CD 5 to set the "m" button. Just hold the button down until the day number on screen comes up to the corresponding day number of your cycle. (This will only work up until day 5. If you go beyond day 5, you'll have to reset the monitor and start over.)

Hope this is clear and that it helps... Let me know what happens.


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By: SillyMe On: Oct 16, 2006  8:38AM

Oops, never mind - found the info :) Thanks!

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By: SillyMe On: Oct 16, 2006  8:32AM

Bridgett - you said you knew the reset instructions for the clearblue easy? I'd really like to know how to do it - I bought my FM new, but stopped using it for a number of months and figure the data is probably all screwed up now.

Any help would be appreciated :)

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By: avafaith On: May 4, 2006  6:36PM

hello all-i'm new to babymed and i was just browsing around. saw you all talking about the clear blue fm. anyone ever looked into the ovwatch? i know it sounds weird (to wear a watch to get pregnant) but i used it and had great success and like to help out anyone i know that's ttc. we tried for +2 years. got pregnant my first time wearing the watch (my boy will be 1 on 5/16). i'm now 9 weeks pg and conceived on my second time wearing the watch. it's soooo easy. i also used clomid to help me ovulate. take a look into it. you gotta buy sensors every month (that is until you get pg) but all these companies make you buy something.

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By: Candlechic15 On: Apr 3, 2006  5:21PM

Sure thing!

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By: Bridgett On: Apr 3, 2006  3:50PM

Thanks ladies for your helpful information! I think that i might try calling the clearblue easy and ask for it. My friend only used it for four cycles and got a bfp and didn't need it anymore. So, We'll just have to see what clearblue easy tells me or one of us! Thanks again! Bridgett

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By: Sam On: Apr 3, 2006  3:29PM

I only bought mine in Nov 05. It sucks they are coming with the data card now but that explains why it went up $25 since I bought mine. No biggie I out it down on my bbt chart anyway so that would just be one more chart to keep up with

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By: Candlechic15 On: Apr 3, 2006  2:32PM

A couple gals on the other forums I am in said she got hers with her new is that a new thing then? the new ones get 'em not the older styles? Anyhow ---I want one lol

if you clear the data from the FM it will clear out the other persons cycles it only keeps so many cycles in there anyhow for memory --- like every clear it out with the M button hold for so many seconds and go from there ...try it for two months IT WILL get used to you !

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By: Sam On: Apr 3, 2006  11:26AM

the monitor doesn't come with the data card as that is something extra you can buy. Bridgett- you might have some issues since you baought your monitor 2nd hand. The 1st owners cycle info is stored in there & that is what the monitor will base telling you to test on. It may take a few cycles before it actually asks you to test when your body needs it vs. your friends Sam

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By: Candlechic15 On: Apr 3, 2006  4:08AM

if someone knows please post back thanks!!!!1

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By: Candlechic15 On: Apr 3, 2006  4:07AM

Come to think about it ? My card didnt come with mine either? what do you have to do to get a new one?

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By: ker On: Apr 3, 2006  1:10AM

Thanks I will go and read mine again and get back to you. Mine might be different as i bought mine here in the UK. Good luck Kerri

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By: Bridgett On: Apr 2, 2006  7:58AM

Kerri~ According to my clearblue easy instruction booklet it does a diagram of the monitor on page 4 called knowing your fertility monitor. If you look at #5 on the fertility monitor diagram on the page, clear blue easy calls it the data card slot. Here is what it says about #5 THE DATA CARD SLOT: Unipath now offers a Datacard Reading service. This service provides a print out of your monthly cycle information stored in you monitor. For further information, please call the helpline or visit The website doesn't even mention it anywhere...that's why i'm looking for information.

Michelle ~ I bought my fm from a friend from my buddy groups on another site. Alot of people buy their fm used from e-bay. It was definately cheaper. They do have reset instructions...but clearblue easy won't tell you. If you do buy a used one and need reset instructions let me know! :) Thanks a bunch!


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By: shell6 On: Apr 2, 2006  3:56AM

Bridgett I dont have a fm but am going to but one this month. Did you buy it from a friend? I didnt know you could buy used? That might be cheaper for me. Maybe at a used baby store. Michelle

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By: ker On: Apr 2, 2006  1:15AM

Hi, I have a monitor from new but didn't have or say anything about a unipath data card. What i it and what's it for? Kerri