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Help! EWCM 6 days after ovulation?

Last Sat CD 11 & 12 I had pos OPKs and copious amounts of EWCM, in fact there was so much I was worried it was the preseed . (but this didn't appear on any of the other days I used preseed). On monday I had a slight temp rise. enough to make my chart show ovulation. I have had a steady rise in temp every day since. My cervix was so high on Sunday that I couldn't even reach it. By Monday is was still very high but very firm and closed. Monday my CM dried up, completely dry it was a massive difference from the previous two days. Monday and tuesday my cervix stayed high and firm and dry. Then Thurs with my cervix still high and firm but easier to reach my CM was EWCM with a little bit of creamy with it. Then today more EWCM, but also mixed with a little bit of creamy. Has anyone ever experienced this ? I am worried. I thought we really covered O day but now my husband has been out of town for 3 days. if this EWCM means ovulation then we really missed it.

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By: Jamie78 On: Mar 12, 2010  4:53AM

Hi Stephanie- Don't know if this will help or not, but a couple days after I O I almost always have creamy CM. And it sticks around periodically during my entire 2ww. It does have a bit of a stretch to it sometimes but doesn't exactly resemble my EWCM. It is more creamy colored and doesn't stretch very much. I remember one of the girls a while back said that it is caused by a surge of estrogen your body produces after you O and is normal (hope I'm remembering that correctly). I don't check my cervix so I can't be of help there, but I'd say by your chart it absolutely looks like you have O'd.

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By: Stephanie1008 On: Mar 12, 2010  4:36AM

I hooked my FF chart on to my sig today somehow that chart looks easier to read to me. Thanks to anyone who has any info!!