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how long does implantation bleeding last?

hi all-new here.

My period is "supposed" to start Thurs (6/25) meaning my ovulation day was 6/11. We DTD just once-we won't "officially" start trying until next month, but last monday ( 6/15) I started lightly spotting-but only in the morning. I've repeated this every day, with a couple of days slightly heavier than others, but still not heavy enough that I would need to wear a pantyliner or pad. My boobs are also super sore, which isn't uncommon before I start my period, or when I was pregnant with my DD a couple of years ago.

I've never been one to spot between periods so I'm at a loss here...could this be implantation bleeding, even that lasts a week? An early miscarriage? I took a test this morning and it came out negative, although, I know it's still too early to rule out a positive. I plan on taking a test every day until it's positive or until I'm on my full-fledged period:)

Anyway-anyone ever experienced this before?? TIA!


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By: gotmusic69 On: Jun 23, 2009  5:58AM

no-we just started trying this past month and i'm not into the whole chart thing.

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By: schultzlady On: Jun 23, 2009  4:41AM

Julie, do you have a chart to post?

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By: musicmom On: Jun 22, 2009  5:56PM

Big Fat Positive. Sorry. From what I've read implantation bleeding is short spotting. Good luck! ape

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By: gotmusic69 On: Jun 22, 2009  3:38PM

what does BFP cycle mean? I'm new to all of these abbreviations:) Thanks!

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By: musicmom On: Jun 22, 2009  3:31PM

Hmmm, I have never had implantation bleeding, but that sounds a bit long for it to be. i had a cycle with spotting and it turned into a BFP cycle. good luck, Ape