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50 Things To Do In The Two Week Wait (2ww)

During the two week wait (2ww) you may want to keep busy and stop obsessing. You have done everything trying to get pregnant. You made love regularly, enough and at the right time. But now you are facing the dreaded 2ww. The 2ww stands for "the 2 week wait," the time between ovulation and your menstrual period. Hopefully your menstrual period won't come and you will be rewarded with a positive pregnancy test.

Many women say that the 2ww feels like it takes forever. Even though their days may be filled with work and other obligations, their mind keeps coming back to wondering and worrying about whether or not they are pregnant.

Here are 50 things to help you stay positive during the 2ww:

  1. Take your daily prenatal vitamins including folic acid
  2. Write a daily journal
  3. Update your facebook page
  4. Don't smoke
  5. Don't drink alcohol
  6. Set some goals and write them down
  7. Make a new budget
  8. Write down baby names
  9. Make your home green
  10. Organize your home
  11. Treat yourself to facials and bubble baths
  12. Eat healthy - leafy vegetables contain a lot of folic acid
  13. Go out and have good food - Once you are pregnant you may not geel like it
  14. Drink pineapple juice or fresh pineapple slices - contains selenium which aids with implantation
  15. Eat walnuts
  16. Use loose clothes: nothing that fits too tight
  17. Don't lift anything too heavy
  18. Exercise - but in moderation
  19. Take long walks
  20. Hydrate well - Drink 1 or 2 liters of water each day
  21. Enjoy making love - at this point it's for pure fun not baby making
  22. If you have to, drink coffee but limit it to 2 cups a day
  23. Go out,
  24. Try to stay busy so you do not obsess too much
  25. Find a good obstetrician
  26. Investigate good hospitals
  27. Calculate the exact day when your pregnancy test should be positive
  28. Watch one DVD a day
  29. Send your husband a love letter each day
  30. Clean up the refrigerator
  31. Get rid of toxic chemicals in your house
  32. Take a regular nap - Naps are God's gift to the impatient.
  33. Meditate - Do Yoga
  34. Spend more time talking to your husband
  35. Go out with a girlfriend for some tea
  36. Ask your husband to do the vacuuming, dishwasher, laundry, and garbage disposal
  37. Practice peeing on a stick - with a Q tip
  38. Investigate life insurance
  39. Paint your rooms - During pregnancy the smells may drive you crazy
  40. Reorganize the kitchen
  41. Do some gardening
  42. Repot your plants
  43. Take the dog for long walks
  44. Check the medicine cabinet and throw out old medications
  45. Wash the dog
  46. Go to a museum - each day a different one
  47. Cut coupons
  48. Watch for maternity clothes sales
  49. Read a good book, or two, or three..
  50. Reorganize your closets

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