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Hairy Nipples

hair-nipples-pregnancy.jpgPregnancy hormones cause many changes in the female body during the 40-week gestational period. Despite the beauty of being pregnant, these hormones can also play some interesting tricks on pregnant women. Hairs on the nipples and areola are common, but during pregnancy these hairs may seem to grow longer and darker as the pregnancy progresses. Hairy nipples are nothing to be ashamed of, but many women wonder how they can combat the hormonal changes to stop hair growth on the nipple.

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent hairy nipples during pregnancy. Some women will suffer from the problem and others will not. Plucking out the hairs or waxing them may seem like a viable option, but plucking and waxing pulls the hair from the root, which can lead to irritation and infection. Pregnant women, especially those who want to breastfeed, do not want to deal with an infection of the nipple right before the baby is born.

Instead of plucking or waxing the excess hairs, try cutting them down to just above skin level. The hairs will most likely fade to normal color and lessen in thickness after the baby is born and pregnancy hormones return to normal levels or fade away.

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By: jimbo_7877 On: Mar 2, 2013  2:34AM

My wife had this same issue. In my attempt to be a good and caring husband, I embraced this issue and comforted her telling her that it didn't matter and she still looked beautiful, that she didn't need to to do anything to change her body because nature was doing it for her. As her body changed so did I, never letting her think I saw something wrong I always tried to tell her how beautiful she was/ is. I embrace my wife with as much love and affection I can, sometimes I feel I'm not doing it right, but she knows inher heart I mean it in the best way. My best advice is don't change or try to change that happen natrually to your body, everyone is unique.  I love my wife for who she is and I would change that, the body of a woman is a wonderous thing and changes very offten, I look forward to the changes my wife goes through and I plan on being there for her as much as I can to support her letting her know I love her the same.

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