Ovulation Predictor (OPK) Intercourse and Sex Calculator

    We will calculate the expected date of ovulation and when to start testing for Luteinizing Hormone (LH) surge.

    24-hour time format
    24-hour time format

    The BabyMed Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK) Intercourse and Sex Calculator will calculate when to have intercourse in relation to a positive OPK.

    Important tips to help you get pregnant faster:

    • Your chances of getting pregnant are close to zero if you only make love after ovulation.
    • Your chances of getting pregnant are diminished if you make love only once, even if it's the "perfect," fertile day.
    • Your very best chance of getting pregnant is when you make love regularly 2-3 times a week EVERY week.
    • Making love only during the fertile 5-6 days prior to and the day of ovulation improves your chances of conceiving but is not as good as also making love outside your fertile days.
    • If his sperm count is OK then making love once a day on every fertile day is better than every other day or even less frequently.
    • You usually ovulate within (NOT AFTER) 12-34 hours after the OPK first turns positive.
    • If you make love only after the OPK first becomes positive chances are you are less likely to get pregnant than if you make love regularly.