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HPT negative and Pregnancy

I am 13 DPO and my HPT is negative. Could I still be pregnant with a negative pregnancy test?

Even with a negative pregnancy test before missing a period there is still a good chance that you are pregnant. About one-half of pregnant women have a negative HPT pregnancy test on 12 dpo, and one-third of pregnant women test negative on 13 DPO.
Go ahead a do a pregnancy test as early as you want, just don't expect it to be positive even if you are pregnant. One in 4 pregnant women will not get a positive pregnancy test until the days after they miss a period. That's why most doctors recommend to do a pregnancy test only after you miss your period so you won't be confused by a negative test.
Pregnancy testing before a missed period can often give you a "false negative" pregnancy test, a pregnancy test that's negative when in fact you are pregnant. The #1 reason for a false negative HPT is testing too early.
A home pregnancy test (HPT) done 1-2 days before a missed period is positive in only 1 in 2 pregnant women, and even on the day of a missed period 1 in 4 women will have a negative pregnancy test.
Testing after a missed period will often give you a better answer to you question: "Am I pregnant?".
So why does it take sometimes that long for a positive pregnancy test?

  • You miscalculated when you ovulated and when you expect your period.
  • Implantation could have taken longer than expected.
  • You did not ovulate at all and that's why your period did not come.

You can read more about when to expect a positive pregnancy test HERE.

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