Negative Pregnancy Test and Missed No Period

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 Q: I am now 13 days after ovulation, and I expect my period within the next few days. My home urine pregnancy test (HPT) is negative. This was a really sensitive test. Does a negative pregnancy test mean that I am definitely not pregnant, or could I still be pregnant despite the negative pregnancy test?

A: Even though your pregnancy test was negative, you could still be pregnant and you should repeat the pregnancy test in a couple of days, especially if your menstrual period bleeding has not come yet. In about 75% or 3 in 4 pregnant women, the HPT is  positive by 14+ DPO (see more on this HERE) but in 1 in 4 pregnant women it takes longer for the HPT to turn positive.
Based on when you tested during the menstrual cycle there are certain calculated chances of still being pregnant with a negative pregnancy test at different cycle days.
In your case, with a negative HPT on CD 13, there is still about an 9.5% chance that you could be pregnant.

Calculations reflect the following underlying assumptions:

  1. You have ovulated
  2. His sperm are OK
  3. Your fallopian tubes are open
  4. There is about a 25% chance of getting pregnant each month (less for older women)