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Twins are two separate individuals in the same pregnancy

My Infertility Journey: Mommy Mode (Part 42)

The closer I get to actually going through the IVF procedure, the more my mind and whole way of thinking is switching into what I call "mommy mode ... more »

Extra Special Care For Twins

When a multiple pregnancy is discovered, the mother to be will most often be termed a high risk pregnancy. This is due to the fact that the body is created to hold only one baby per pregnancy. ... more »

What is it Like to be Pregnant with Twins?

For many women, having twins is either a prayer answered or the scariest thing on earth. As is the case with all pregnancies, being pregnant with twins can be easy or hard. It is often the unanswered questions ... more »

Multiple Births - Risks To The Child

At present, about 1 in 4 IVF or ICSI (in-vitro fertilization or ... more »

What are the Odds of Having Twins?

The odds of twins depends on your age and whether they are identica ... more »

Risk of Twins/Triplets After Ovulation Induction

Ratts VS, Pauls RN, Pinto AB, Kraja A, Williams DB, Odem RR.J Reprod Med. 2007 Oct;52(10):896-900 ... more »

Conjoined Twins - What Are They?

Conjoined twins are identical (monozygous) twins that result from one egg being fertilized by one sperm and then splitting more than 13 days after fertilization. ... more »

Repronex and Multiples - What are the Chances?

Q: I am getting Repronex to induce ovulation. What are my chances for twins? ... more »

Twins - What Are The Odds Having Twins?

  Q: My husband and I are both twins. I am an identical twin, and he is a fraternal twin. What are our chances of having twins of our own? ... more »