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Twins are two separate individuals in the same pregnancy

Twins - Monozygotic vs Dizygotic and Monochorionic vs Dichorionic

There are three different kind of twins: Dizygotic, Monzozygotic, Polar Body Twins. All dizygotic are dichorionic, and 2/3 of monozygotic are monochorionic.

Extra Special Care For Twins


High risk pregnancies will often require additional testing and routine checkups. Depending on whether the pregnancy is a twin or triplet pregnancy, bed rest may be ordered as early as the first trimester. 

What is it Like to be Pregnant with Twins?

For many women, having twins is either a prayer answered or the scariest thing on earth. As is the case with all pregnancies, being pregnant with twins can be easy or hard. It is often the unanswered questions that are hardest for women pregnant with twins.

Multiple Births - Risks To The Child

The health risks for twins and triplets are greatly increased compared with those for singletons mostly because multiples tend to be born prematurely and underweight.

Dichorionic, Monozygotic, Dizygotic, Monochorionic, Monoamniotic, Mono-Mono Twins

Twins account for about 1% of all spontaneous pregnancies, but up to 35% of IVF pregnancies are twins. 

Superfetation and Superfecundation - Twins conceived weeks apart - One or two fathers

Superfetation happens when twins are conceived weeks apart from two separate ovulations and from two different fathers or the same father, the second one after the first has already implanted. Superfecundation are twins with different fathers but ovulations the same day.

Multiple Pregnancy - Twins, Triplets

Ovulation twice or three times can lead to twins or triplets, as well as can a fertilized egg that splits into two or three.

What are Pregnancy Complications with Twins?

Pregnancy complications in twins are many-fold higher than with a sigleton baby and include a higher rate of premature deliveries and fetal anomalies.

What are the Odds of Having Twins?

The odds of twins depends on your age and whether they are identical twins or not and which ethnicity you have or whether you took fertility medications.

Risk of Twins/Triplets After Ovulation Induction

The rate of multiple births was significantly lower with metformin. Because multiple gestation is associated with higher complication rates and medical costs, our data offer an additional reason for use of metformin to induce ovulation for OI in PCOS patients.

Conjoined Twins - What Are They?

Conjoined twins are identical (monozygous) twins that result from
one egg being fertilized by one sperm and then splitting more than 13
days after fertilization. The result is conjoined twins, which are joined by some parts of their bodies.

Gemellology - Facts about Multiples Like Twins, Triplets, and More

Fun Facts about gemellology (the study of twins and multiples).

Repronex and Multiples - What are the Chances?

What are the chances of getting pregnant with multiples when getting Repronex to induce ovulation?

Twins With Two Fathers - Superfecundation and Superfetation

Twins with two fathers are possible with supoerfecundation and superfetation. Superfecundation and Superfetation and two rare events.

Twins - What Are The Odds Having Twins?

My husband and I are both twins. I am an identical twin, and he is a fraternal twin. What are our chances of having twins of our own?

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