Rosie Pope

Now that we're deep into what feels like a never-ending winter freeze (thank you, polar vortex!), I have so many women who come to my stores with one burning question: should I buy a winter maternity coat?

Yes it's true my show on Bravo is called Pregnant in Heels! So everyone assumes I am ridiculously passionate about pregnant women wearing 4" platform pumps around town attempting to balance their growing belly, trying to avoid every pot hole and every subway grating that comes under their footing.

Let me start by saying, this is my favorite time of year! That being said, the holiday season can be stressful - especially when you're pregnant with events to attend, during which you cannot indulge in the old Champers the way you may have in previous years!

New York City in the fall always inspires me - from back to school to fall fashion, there is a lot of energy in the air. While I would love to indulge in all of Fall's fun trends in my designs, I understand what works and what doesn't on the pregnant form.. So, I have curated a list of my fall do's and how to rock them. I am pregnant with my fourth, so these are the fall fashion guidelines that I'm currently following with my own wardrobe :)


By: Rosie Pope

Finding the perfect Halloween costume takes on a whole new twist when you’re pregnant. And there are a slew of ways to go completely wrong. Fortunately, you can avoid almost all problems by avoiding:

When thinking about your maternity wardrobe and the budget you have to work with, their are some key pieces that should be part of every maternity collection.

No matter how fashion savvy or confident you feel about your clothes, something happens when you become pregnant and it feels as though you are in a whole new world, losing your previous sense of fashion and bewildered at what to buy.

I am a firm believer in the “look good, feel good” philosophy, especially during pregnancy & motherhood - happy mom = happy baby!

London-born entrepreneur Rosie Pope is the go-to guru for all things pregnancy and parenting. She is the creative force behind Rosie Pope Maternity, her sophisticated maternity clothing and accessories line, and MomPrep, her prenatal, postpartum and parenting education studios.