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Gate Control and How it Can Affect Your Birth

What’s one of the first things you generally do if you smack your funny bone? Without even thinking about it, you rub your elbow. ... more »

Blue-Light Goggles in Development to Prevent Preterm Labor

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in eight American babies is born before the 37th week of pregnancy. These preterm deliveries can have life-long health effects on those that survive them. ... more »

Will I Poop When I Push During Labor and Childbirth?

One of the biggest fears almost every woman has when she is pregnant is the dreade ... more »

Cervical Changes in Labor

The cervix is the gateway to baby. ... more »

Should I Return to Work After False Labor?

She said it was time to head to the hospital. Contractions are three minutes apart and she feels like they are getting stronger. ... more »

How To Deal With Delivery Room Guests

Guests in the delivery room are a topic couples should d ... more »

Labor Contractions: How Do I Know It's Labor?

It's a fact. Most women got through labor in preparation for delivering the baby. But why is it happening and how do you know you are in labor? ... more »

Why Do I Have Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy?

With your growing abdomen and all the changes in your body, there is apt to be aches and pains associated with pregnancy. One of the most concerning for many pregnant women is pelvic pain. ... more »

Pregnancy Milestones to Look For in Each Pregnancy Trimester

The pregnancy trimester is like a goal each pregnant woman has. Make it from pregnancy trimester one to two and things are a bit safer. Move from pregnancy trimester two to three and the pregnancy is nearing the exciting day of birth. ... more »

Third Stage of Labor

Giving birth to a new baby is about more than just active labor, contractions and pushing. For the last 40 weeks, the baby has survived in the womb thanks to the placenta. This blood rich pseudo-organ must pass out of the vagina after the baby. ... more »

Second Stage of Active Labor

The second stage of active labor is when the woman finally gets to react to those strong contractions. ... more »

Pushing Tips

Pregnant women take classes, watch movies and ask questions about pushing, but until a woman is in active labor, she will have no idea how strong the pressure and the need to push really is. ... more »

First Stage of Active Labor

When the first stage of labor begins, the cervix responds to hormonal changes and contractions start to take on a more patterned interval. ... more »

When Should I Head to the Hospital?

If Hollywood told the truth, labor pains would start and the baby would be born just minutes later. Thanks to the art of editing, this is how reality shows on pregnancy often depict birth as well. ... more »

How is False Labor Different?

False labor can feel much like active labor, especially for a new mother. ... more »

Warm Water and Fetal Safety

Labor contractions are beginning and the attending doctor wants you to stay at home a little while longer. Labor pains are new and irritating at first and some pregnant women find great relief in a warm bath. ... more »

Breathing Exercises

Most most women link breathing exercises to pain management during labor. But, while breathing during labor does help to combat contraction pain, it also provides increased oxygen levels to the baby that is in state of stress as well. ... more »

Prelabor Preparation

Weeks before real labor begins, the pregnant woman's body starts preparing for birth.  Most of these changes will go unnoticed, but some may be welcome signs that mom has finally made it to the end of her beautiful journey. ... more »

Labor Contractions

Labor contractions are the body’s way of saying, “Let’s get ready to have a baby!” When these contractions start, many new moms jump up and run off to the hospital only to be told to go back home for the night. ... more »