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corpus luteum

Corpus Luteum Size And Appearance On Ultrasound and Sonogram and Pregnancy Outcome

Q: I am 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I just had a sonogram done and the doctor told me she could not see the corpus luteum.I know the corpus luteum is necessary to produce enough of progesterone to support the pregnancy. Is it a problem? ... more »

Pregnenolone Production in the Early Trophoblast

A new study published in the Journal of Assiste ... more »

Why Does a Miscarriage Occur?

A miscarriage, also referred to as a spontaneous abortion, occurs in many pregnancies. Typically, a miscarriage happens before the end of the first trimester, but it can happen at any time in the pregnancy up to 20 weeks. ... more »

Why Does Implantation Bleeding Happen?

When ovulation occurs, the hormone progesterone prepar ... more »

Facts About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time in life when women feel closer to their spouse and body more than ever before. Here are a few facts about pregnancy for expecting moms. ... more »

When to Test for Pregnancy With the Best Results

Despite the claim that home pregnancy tests are effective as little as two to three days before the first day of your next menstrual cycle, the female body does not always live up to this expectation. ... more »

6 Stages in Pregnancy: The Changing Female Body

Stages in pregnancy are often divided up into weeks or trimesters. Within these common stages in pregnancy are six major times of change. These stages of pregnancy occur at one week, four weeks, eight weeks, 12 weeks, 24 weeks and 40 weeks. ... more »

What Happens in the First Trimester of Pregnancy?

The first trimester of pregnancy is often considered the second most exciting time during pregnancy. Birth is, of course, the most exciting time. ... more »

Top 5 Questions About Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy tests are a diagnostic tool used in the home or a clinical setting to verify pregnancy. ... more »

What Happens After Ovulation?

The fertility cycle is broken into two parts. The first half of the fertility cycle is when the follicle stimulating hormone stimulates maturation of an egg. ... more »

Progesterone Suppositories and Supplementation

There is no clear agreement among doctors whether giving progesterone early in pregnancy will improve pregnancy outcome. ... more »

Roll of Progesterone in Fertility, Pregnancy and Corpus Luteum

Q: What is progesterone and what is it's role in fertility and pregnancy? ... more »

Cervix Soft and High After Ovulation

Q: Am I still fertile if my cervix is soft and high after ovulation? ... more »

Tender Breasts, Sore and Hard Nipples and Pregnancy

Q: Could tender breasts and sore and hard nipples mean that I am pregnant? ... more »

Can Ovulation Occur at Any Time During the Cycle?

Q: Can ovulation occur at any time during the cycle? ... more »


Progesterone, Corpus Luteum, and the Luteal Phase ... more »

Progesterone Levels During Pregnancy

Progesterone levels in the blood come from the corpus luteum and are helpful after ovulation and to find out if you ovulated or not. ... more »

Biphasic Curve

Q: What is a biphasic curve? ... more »

FertilChart BBT Interpretation

The following are the FertilChart guidelines to interpret your charts: ... more »

BBT - How To Do A Basal Body Temperature Chart

Follow these steps to chart your basal body temperature (BBT): ... more »