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All About Pregnancy Spotting

Pregnancy spotting is common in pregnancy, but that does not make it any easier to accept. During different times in gestation, pregnancy spotting can occur and the cause will be dependent on several factors.

Answering Questions about the Mucus Plug

The mucus plug forms soon after the fertilized egg implants in the uterus. The plug blocks the opening of the cervix until the gestational period is over. Many pregnant women have questions about the cervical mucus plug.

Concerns About Pregnancy Discharge

Pregnancy discharge is a common symptom of pregnancy related to hormonal changes. The type of pregnancy discharge during pregnancy mean the difference between normal secretions and potential infection.

Vaginal Discharge and Odor

No woman wants to talk about vaginal discharge and odor, but this side effect of hormonal changes in the body is very common. As estrogen levels rise, leukorrhea may develop. Leukorrhea is thin and watery white discharge, and it can have a slight odor.

Vaginal Discharge

A thick, white, milky discharge may appear frightening to newly pregnant women, but this vaginal discharge during pregnancy is common and harmless.

Vaginal Discharge In Pregnancy

Vaginal discharge is common not only during pregnancy but also in women who are not pregnant. In pregnant women, however, there can be an increase in vaginal discharge that could either be normal, associated with an infection, or linked to impending labor.

Gardnerella Vaginalis BV During Pregnancy

Gardnerella Vaginalis is an infection of the female genital tract by
bacteria of the Gardnerella vaginalis strain, often in combination with
various anaerobic bacteria. It is sometimes also called bacterial

Tender Breasts and Pregnancy

Could tender breasts mean that I am pregnant?

Chlamydia - Babies

Can babies get infected?

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