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gender prediction

Baby Shower: Gender Reveal Party Games

It may be cliché to think a room full of adul ... more »

Baby Shower: What is a Gender Reveal Party?

The classic baby shower is now being replaced wi ... more »

Timing Your Conception to Influence the Gender

A good friend of mine was ecstatic to have the baby girl she had always wanted when she found out she was pregnant last year. ... more »

Morning Sickness and Baby's Gender

Myth: The presence or absence of morning sickness during pregnancy can predict the baby's sex. ... more »

Does Morning Sickness Predict My Baby's Gender?

Myth: Morning sickness can predict if I am having a boy or girl? Fact: This is a myth. There is no way to tell from having or not having morning sickness whether you are having a boy or a girl. ... more »

Myth: Shape of Your Belly Predicts Sex of Your Baby

Myth: You can predict the sex of your baby based on the following shapes of your belly: Football = GirlBaseball = BoyRound = GirlSticking out = Boy ... more »