Ovulation Symptoms and Signs

Women trying to get pregnant often become frustrated when they miss their period but have a negative pregnancy test. What most don't realize is that when trying to conceive the single most important information is finding out if and when ovulation happens.

Ovulation And The Menstrual Cycle Period

Ovulation happens when the mature egg is ejected from the ovary. The time of the menstrual cycle and ovulation is one of the most important things a woman should understand about her body since it is the determining factor in getting pregnant and preventing pregnancy.

Good Eggs and Bad Eggs

Fertile Eggs for FertilizationThe concept of a woman's "egg quality" is derived from the observation that the probability of embryo implantation is strongly related to the age of the woman who provides the egg and to her ovarian reserve.

Anovulation - An Overview

Anovulation refers to a condition in women in which an egg is not released from the ovaries. This can lead to menstrual cycle irregularities (no periods, long or short cycles, irregular cycles). You need to ovulate if you want to get pregnant, and anovulation is the #1 reason of infertility experienced by women with difficulties getting pregnant.

Top Reasons/Causes for Infertility

The three major causes of infertility covering over 80% of cases include ovulation problems, sperm problems, and fallopian tube problems, while 15% of couples have unexplained infertility which is defined as infertility without a specific reason.

Progesterone Levels During Pregnancy

Progesterone levels in the blood come from the corpus luteum and are helpful after ovulation and to find out if you ovulated or not. Low progesterone levels are not normal.When you ovulate there is an area in the ovary called "corpus luteum" which is responsible for the production of progesterone.

Low progestone levels below 10 ng/ml usually mean that ovulation has likely not happened or you tested too early, less than a week after ovulation.

Having a regular menstrual period (menorrhea), bleeding regularly every month, is something that many women expect as part of their normal body function. A regular menstrual period is associated with regular ovulation. 

OPK Ovulation Predictor Calculator

The OPK Ovulation Predictor Calculator calculates when to start testing for the LH surge as well as your expected date of ovulation based on the first day of your last period and your cycle length.

This free ovulation calculator and fertility calendar and ovulation predictor calculates your fertile days, when you ovulate, and helps you improve your fertility and chances getting pregnant. Did you know that eating a certain diet PLUS Timing Sex can improve gender selection? 

After a year of tracking ovulation with extreme precision and no results, I decided to try a different tactic. I've long been a fan of acupuncture. I got it once a week for two years straight to help me with relaxation in my mid-20s.