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placenta previa

Does a Previous C-Section Scar Affect Implantation?

Researchers from the Obstetrics and Gynecology Unit at Queen C ... more »

Complications, Vaginal Bleeding and Twin Pregnancy

Researchers and authors from the D ... more »

Tori Spelling had placenta previa a potentially dangerous pregnancy complication

Placenta previa is a potentially life-threatening condition during and after pregnancy when the placenta covers the cervix . ... more »

When Your Placenta is in the Wrong Spot

During a normal pregnancy, your placenta will start low and slowly make its way up towards a richer blood supply. The placenta is the organ that connects your growing baby with your blood supply for the transfer of nutrients and waste removal. ... more »

Placenta and Ultrasound

The placenta is the organ that supplies all the ... more »

Bleeding in Pregnancy

Vaginal bleeding in pregnancy i ... more »

Placenta Creta: Accreta, Increta, Percreta

A placenta creta, accreta, increta, or percreta is a placenta that grows during pregnancy into or through the uterus. Having this condition is life-threatening and requires expert surgical and medical care. ... more »

Risk Factors For Placenta Previa

A placenta previa is a placenta that covers the cervix. There are several risk factors that increase the chance of a placenta previa. The following are increased risk factors for a placenta previa: ... more »

Placenta Previa

A placenta previa is a placenta that is implanted at or close to the cervix. ... more »

Cesarean Section Maternal Risks

The following are maternal risks of a cesarean section: ... more »

Is it Safe to Use a Vibrator During Pregnancy?

Q: Is it safe to use a vibrator during pregnancy? ... more »

Placenta Anomalies - What Are The Odds Having A Placental Anomaly?

Q: What are my odds that I will have a placenta previa an accreta or another placental anomaly? A: Here are your chances: ... more »

Orgasm Sex and Pregnancy

The word orgasm originates from the Greek language. It means that there is swelling. ... more »

Masturbation During Pregnancy

Q: Can I masturbate while I am pregnant? ... more »