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vaginal discharge

Avoid Tampons during Pregnancy

If you’re spotting a lot during your pregnancy or your vaginal discharge seems especially abundant, you might be tempted to reach for the box of tampons.

Discerning between Normal and Abnormal Discharge

Among the other unpleasant and possibly embarrassing symptoms of pregnancy, you might also notice an increase in the amount of vaginal discharge you produce.

What Can I Expect During My Pregnancy?

Many women wonder what they can expect during pregnancy. This is especially true of first-time mothers. Changes during pregnancy are physical and emotional.

All About Pregnancy Spotting

Pregnancy spotting is common in pregnancy, but that does not make it any easier to accept. During different times in gestation, pregnancy spotting can occur and the cause will be dependent on several factors.

Concerns About Pregnancy Discharge

Pregnancy discharge is a common symptom of pregnancy related to hormonal changes. The type of pregnancy discharge during pregnancy mean the difference between normal secretions and potential infection.

Causes of Vaginal Discharge, How To Diagnose and Treat It

If vaginal discharge is a problem, laboratory tests can be run to rule
out serious illnesses or conditions to help ease a woman’s mind.

Brown Vaginal Discharge

Not all cases of brown vaginal discharge are cause for concern. As a woman you are probably aware of the general condition of any discharge ‘down there’.

Vaginal Discharge In Pregnancy

Vaginal discharge is common not only during pregnancy but also in women who are not pregnant. In pregnant women, however, there can be an increase in vaginal discharge that could either be normal, associated with an infection, or linked to impending labor.

Vaginal Discharge as an Early Sign and Symptom of Pregnancy

White milky vaginal discharge is occasionally the first pregnancy sign and symptom noticed by many women. Women often notice an increase in vaginal discharge, especially if a pregnancy is likely.

Am I Pregnant? Early Pregnancy Signs

Are you asking yourself Am I pregnant? Could I be pregnant? How can I find out if I am pregnant? What are the early pregnancy signs and symptoms?

Amniocentesis - Signs of Problems

What are some of the signs?

Vaginal Discharge and Douching

Should I douche?

Vaginal Discharge - Prevention

How can I prevent it?

Causes - Vaginal Discharge

A vaginal discharge could be normal, but it can also be caused by a vaginal infection.

Vaginal Discharge

I have yellow discharge, what does that mean?

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