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pregnancy tools

    Pregnancy and Baby Tools

    Pregnancy Symptoms Calculator

     Check these symptoms and find out whether they are typical pregnancy signs and symptoms or not. ... more »

    When To Do The Pregnancy Test Calculator

    When is the best time to take a pregnancy test, how soon can I take it, and when does it become positive are among important questions to ask when trying to conceive. A pregnancy test, no matter if it's blood or urine, only becomes positive after implantation when the fetus has attached to the uterine wall and connects with the mother's blood system. ... more »

    VBAC Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Calculator

    This VBAC vaginal birth after cesarean success and risk calculator helps identify the mathematical chance of having a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). The VBAC calculator is based on the equation published in the article "Development of a nomogram for prediction of vaginal birth after cesarean" cited below.  ... more »

    Counting Fetal Movements - The Baby Kick Count

    A fetal kick count is among the most important observations to ensure the baby's health. Every pregnant woman should learn how to count her fetus' movements. ... more »

    Pregnancy, Fertility, and Getting Pregnant Tools

    BabyMed has the most extensive collection of fertility pregnancy calendar ovulation calculator fertility tools online, including our fertility and pregnancy polls, and they were all conceived by  ... more »

    Pregnancy Timeline Calculator

    This pregnancy timeline calculator creates a personalized 9+ months timeline and timetable of your pregnancy progress. ... more »

    When Did I Conceive? Pregnancy Due Date Conception Calculator

    Our pregnancy due date calculator answers your questions "When did I get pregnant?" "When did I conceive?" Find out when you got pregnant, how many weeks you are & the exact due date. ... more »

    Conception Calculator for Your Conception Date

    "When did I conceive?" Our handy conception calculator and reverse due date calculator will help you find your conception date using a simple reverse calculator. ... more »

    Pregnancy and Baby Tools Calendars & Calculators

    Tools to help you during pregnancy ... more »

    Chinese Sex and Gender Pregnancy Calendar and Predictor

    This Chinese Sex Pregnancy Calendar Gender Predictor and Calculator predicts the baby's sex based on the mother's age. ... more »