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Not all of pregnancy is beautiful or comfortable. For some women, talking about the more embarrassing symptoms that occur during pregnancy stages can be hard.

Not all of pregnancy is beautiful or comfortable. There are many body changes during pregnancy that you may expect. You may suffer from headaches, backaches, abdominal aches and other forms of pain. While these symptoms are common and commonly spoken about, there are also embarrassing symptoms of pregnancy that are less discussed. For some women, talking about the more embarrassing symptoms that occur during pregnancy stages can be hard.

Constipation and Pregnancy Stages

During all three stages of pregnancy, women may suffer from constipation more often than they did before pregnancy. With so many dietary, physical and hormonal changes, the body sometimes takes a little time to catch up. Constipation can be curbed with increased fiber and water intake. When increasing fiber, it is important to move slowly. Over the counter, sugar-free fiber supplements are ideal, but start with just five grams of fiber added to one meal a day and work up from there. Taking too much fiber at one time can cause bloating, stomach discomfort and gas.

Leaky Urine and Pregnancy Stages

As the third of the pregnancy stages near a close, extra weight on the bladder can cause some uncomfortable bouts of leaky urine. Laughing, coughing and sneezing are enough to cause a pregnant woman to literally pee her pants. This is normal and nearly every pregnant woman suffers from this embarrassing symptom of pregnancy stages. It is perfectly safe to wear a feminine pad or panty liner during pregnancy to catch urine. If leaky urine is a bigger problem than a feminine pad can handle, try undergarments created for incontinence.

Leaky Breasts and Pregnancy Stages

Again toward the end of the third trimester, symptoms of pregnancy stages can cause breasts to leak. Milk glands are preparing for birth and may leak from time to time. Some women find leaky breasts are of particular concern when they hear a baby cry. The female body hears the sound of a baby crying and determines feeding is necessary. Leaky breasts can soak through undergarments and clothing. To fend off the embarrassment, wear breastfeeding pads in your bra. These pads absorb breast milk before it can soak through clothing.

Diarrhea and Pregnancy Stages

Yes, diarrhea is part of pregnancy for many women. The latter pregnancy stages are more often the time when diarrhea occurs, especially right before childbirth. Horror stories of having diarrhea during childbirth can scare a pregnant woman, but it is not as bad as it seems. The same muscles are used to push the baby through the birth canal and move waste from the body. When a woman is asked to bear down during childbirth, there is a chance she will have a bowel movement in the process. Rest assured, this is something every obstetrician has seen and during childbirth, there are bigger things to focus on than a potential bowel movement.

Pregnancy stages are times for change and body adaptation. When the female body changes and adjusts to these pregnancy stages, embarrassing things can happen. For support, many women turn to pregnancy forums to talk with other pregnant women who may have had the same embarrassing problems during pregnancy stages.