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Pregnancy Guide

This pregnancy guide has everything you need to know from conception to postpartum: pregnancy basics, labor, birth, parenting, breastfeeding, nutrition, safety concerns, and more. ... more »
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Sex and the Five Trimesters of Pregnancy

  You’re probably thinking there only three trimesters of pregnancy, right?  After all, “tri-“ means three but it could mean that there are five distinct three-month periods associated with pregnancy and each one affects your sex life in distinctly different ways. Sex and the Pre-Pregnancy Trimester ... more »

Enjoy Herbal Teas During Pregnancy for Health and Pleasure

People in China have been drinking tea for at least 5,000 years, first as a medicinal beverage and then, centuries later, for pleasure.  During the age of global discovery in the Middle Ages of the last millennium, explorers from Europe spread the custom of drinking tea around the world. ... more »
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Treating Depression More Fun, Less Costly with Behavior Activation

People in the United Kingdom (UK) who are struggling with depression are finding that a new kind of treatment – behavior activation (BA) – is more fun and less costly than traditional treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  BA doesn’t require the use of medications that come with undesirable side effects but works in conjunction with antidepressants for patients who can to ... more »
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Preemie Brains Thrive on Breast Milk

  By Sandy Hemphill, Contributing Writer, BabyMed   ... more »
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Low Milk Supply Linked to Maternal Diabetes

Women who have any form of diabetes during pregnancy may face a low milk supply that cuts short their breastfeeding plans, according to a recently published study from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  The study did not differentiate between type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes but compared new mothers who had diabetes during pregnancy with new mothers not diabetic d ... more »