Pregnant couple on beachThe world’s largest travel-based website, TripAdvisor, has made it easy to find an affordable babymoon escape to tropical Caribbean islands. The travel company recently published a list of the 10 most affordable Caribbean islands for March and April 2014 plus the cost of the trip.

For each island listed, the cost of the trip is based on a week-long stay for four people. The cost includes round-trip airfare from the US, seven nights in a hotel, dinner for six nights, and a half day of snorkeling.

Since most babymoon travelers won’t want to travel as a foursome, use these prices as a starting point for planning a romantic, intimate, tropical escape for two...with money to spare or mad-money to splurge with.


  • Puerto Rico ($4,609) — English and Spanish are the official languages spoken in this US territory. As such, the US dollar is the official currency, travel regulations for US citizens are more lenient than most, and American travelers are citizens of the country.
  • Jamaica ($4,631) — This island nation named after the Spanish word for the hibiscus flower is lush, beautiful, and famous for its unique style of music that invites dancing.
  • Trinidad and Tobago ($4,771) — English is the official language at this two-island nation just north of the coast of Venezuela. An evening on the beach with the island’s native calypso music playing in the background makes babymoon here forever memorable.
  • Dominican Republic ($5,315) — Spanish-speaking Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. Except for Cuba, this is the largest and most populous of the Caribbean islands.
  • St. Maarten/St. Martin ($5,577) — English and Dutch are spoken in this popular territory of The Netherlands. The island’s international airport has a hair-raising runway that comes within 20 feet of Maho Beach so first impressions here can be quite lasting.
  • Bahamas ($5,815) — The 700 islands that form the Bahamas offer a wide array of tourist attractions, from modern accommodations on the most developed islands to rustic hideaways in the outer islands. Take in the pineapple or crab festivals if the timing is right.
  • Curacao ($5,883) — In the southern Caribbean Sea just north of Venezuela, influences from all around the world come together in the island’s languages, food, literature, music, and sports.
  • Bermuda ($6,064) — Find English-speaking Bermuda, one of the northernmost Caribbean island nations, just more than 1,000 miles northeast of Miami. The pretty pink sandy beaches surrounded by baby blue waters set the perfect scene for babymoon.
  • Aruba ($6,260) — The architecture is as vibrantly colored as its beaches and seas, perhaps one factor contributing to Aruba’s popularity as a favorite global travel destination.
  • Grenada ($6,622) — This southeastern Caribbean island nation supplies 20% of the world’s supply of nutmeg but many other important spices and coffee are native to Grenada. Food is important here and so are reggae and calypso music, folk tales, and stories of the werewolf.

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