There are so many things to do before getting pregnant. Where do you start? Let us help you with a great checklist for getting ready for the 9 months of pregnancy.

The essentials:

Take daily folic acid/prenatal vitamin
See your doctor for a periconception visit
Be at your optimal weight (BMI 19.5-25)
Stop drinking alcohol and/or taking drugs
Decrease caffeine and diet soda
Eat healthy food
Learn everything about improving your pregnancy chances
Find out your fertile days
Eat healthy food
Stop birth control

The desired:

Get a mani pedi. You want to look your best all over
Review your finances- save money

Get a hobby
Review your food habits
Discuss where you want to live
Deepen your relationship- talk about becoming parents
Reevaluate your job

See your dentist
Check your insurance
Discuss pregnancy with friends and your family
Travel now
Get your hair ready too
Go through your wardrobe and stop buying clothes
Find out how to improve fertility
Learn about early pregnancy signs
Find a good place to have your baby