What is a Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy?

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg implants in the
fallopian tube. The pregnancy is often referred to as a tubal, though
the specific point of implantation can narrow down a more detailed type
of tubal.

What is an Interstitial Pregnancy?

The interstitial is the spot where the fallopian tube comes in contact
with the wall of the uterus at just the point where the endometrial
cavity starts. When a pregnancy implants here it is called an
interstitial pregnancy.

Should I Buy Meat at the Local Butcher?

Before you found out you were pregnant it was nothing to head into the
local butcher and buy a pound or two of fresh hamburger for that
last-minute cookout. Now, baby is on the way and you are starting to
think about the foods you choose more closely than before.

What Does it Mean to Sleep Like a Baby?

Sleeping like a baby means, to the non-parent, that you’ll fall asleep
before your head hits the pillow, but is that really how baby’s sleep.
In my experience, my baby never slept more than a few hours at a time.

A Simple Guide to Egg Freezing

Many women are now choosing to wait until they are 35 or 40 to start a
family. While this may be the best time for a woman to conceive, it is
not the best time for the female body to conceive.

Do Pregnancy Stretch Marks Disappear?

There was not one inch of space that wasn’t covered in stretch marks. At first, I didn’t care about the marks, but I soon became pregnant with baby number two and things got a lot more interesting.

Do Parents Control Their Daughter’s Eggs?

Reports out of Israel claim parents have obtained legal permission to
extract a child’s eggs and freeze them after she died in a car accident.
The order was issued after the initial request to fertilize the eggs
was denied.

Do Infants Remember the Songs You Sing?

When my first child was born, she was taken to NICU immediately because
of breathing problems. When I finally recovered enough from my C-section
to pull myself out of bed and scuffle to the NICU department, I sat
beside her and cried.

Lowering IQs One Chemical and C-Section at a Time

In a previous blog post I talked about C-sections versus vaginal births
and the impact of that decision on brain and mental development of
offspring. In short, children born vaginally get a brain boost compared
to children born via C-section.

Stronger Marijuana and Pregnancy Risks

The marijuana that kids and teens are using today is far stronger than the marijuana on the streets four decades ago. That is the effect users are going for, but it is that same effect that may be responsible for increased risk of pregnancy complications.

Stigma Affects Pregnant Women with HIV

There is still a stigma that surrounds
men and women with HIV. The stigma is so strong for pregnant women
that many choose to give birth outside of the hospital to escape the
negative stigma.

Are Children a Requirement of Life?

This sounds like a crazy question, but it is a question that many women
face as they age without a steady partner or spouse. If life has been
good for years without children, are children a requirement or rite of
passage that all women must experience?

Getting Dad Closer During Breastfeeding

After 40 weeks of pregnancy, there is a deep-seeded need to have something personal between mom and baby that no one else can touch. It’s hard moving from being the only one who has a personal connection with baby to being the once pregnant woman.