What Do Kids Say about Being a Dad?

Kids know what they want in a dad, so lots of people have asked children and adults about their childhood experiences and what they would have liked their dad to do or what they loved about their d

Take Your Child to Work Day

Today, the Take Your Child to Work Day program is still alive and it’s coming up on April 24th. Everyone can participate, even children of stay-at-home moms and dads.

Raising an Independent Toddler

All parents hope that their children will grow up to be independent children who learn how to do things on their own without depending on another person to make them happy or fulfilled.

How Exercise Affects Your Fertility

If you’re getting ready to start a family and are thinking about trying
to get pregnant, you may want to evaluate your workout routine. Working
out too hard or too much may actually impact your fertility, and the
same things goes for men as well.

Are Infant Simulators a Good Idea for Women?

These infant simulators may be good practice for women who want a little
more experience before having children. Several of my friends are only
children and have no younger cousins. This means that they often have no
experience around babies and toddlers.