Preeclampsia Seems to be Linked to Maternal Age

In pregnancy, it is not entirely uncommon that you will experience preeclampsia, which is a type of hypertension that arises in gestation. High blood pressure is the most obvious sign of preeclampsia, but it can also affect your kidneys, liver and other organs.

Don’t Bet on Preimplantation Genetic Screening

To ensure that you have a successful in vitro fertilization, you might have considered preimplantation genetic screening, or PGS. PGS is a procedure that tests for anatomical, physiological or genetic conditions in an embryo before transferring it into a new uterus.

Do Fertility Therapies Cause Autism?

If you are pregnant or planning on having a baby in the near future, autism is likely a major concern of yours. Since its cause is unknown, many statements exist claiming different methods of prevention.

As If Pregnancy Wasn’t Tense Enough…

If you’re experiencing hypertension during your pregnancy, you are surely not alone. It is the most common medical disorder in pregnant women. Its more serious forms are actually one of the major causes of pregnancy-related deaths in the US.

PCOS Does Not Have to Equal Infertility

If you are a woman with polycystic ovary syndrome, you’ve probably
wondered whether or not infertility is something you will face. 10%-15%
of women are diagnosed with PCOS, and it can cause infertility by
affecting hormones during ovulation.

Your Mindset Matters for Childbirth

Not only should your physical needs be met during childbirth, but it is
also important for health care providers to understand and respond to
your beliefs and attitudes through the process.