Why Are Pre-Term Boys More at Risk of Death?

Some diseases and conditions that affect children can often affect one
gender more than the other. Though there are many reasons for this,
sometimes it’s a mystery that researchers and scientists have yet to
figure out.

Could Asthma Impact Fertility?

Though it’s the most common chronic disease found in children across the
world, many adults also struggle with asthma every day and are required
to use an inhaler to help them breathe when they have an attack.

Dialysis During Pregnancy

In the last ten years or so, some of my students developed lupus, which
they inherited from their parents. So far both students have non-active
lupus which doesn’t usually affect their kidneys.

Prenatal Groups for Moms with Limited English Skills

Through a recent study, it was found that prenatal groups for pregnant women with limited English language skills can help new mothers become more comfortable and allow them to discuss common pregnancy and child-raising questions with other women.

Retinal Detachment and Preterm Birth

Though his story shows that extremely preterm children can lead healthy
lives despite their tumultuous beginnings, not every preterm child
outgrows the medical issues often associated with early birth.

Diabetes Testing During Prenatal Visits

When she was pregnant with my friend, our neighbor developed gestational
diabetes. Diabetes isn’t that common in her family and the only other
person who ever developed it was her grandpa during the later years of
his life.

Greater Medical Awareness May Fight Heart Disease

Heart disease runs in my family and all of my sisters, as well as my mother and grandmother all have the same issues, but since we know we’re prone to heart disease, all of us girls were checked early.

Preventing Emergency Care Visits for Infants

Some new moms are even more prone to visit the emergency room for any and every little thing, which can get expensive fast. Another option is to have a nurse on call for home visits, but this is also expensive.

Common Drugs That Cause Pregnancy Problems

According to the Canadian Medical Association Journal, women who take
non-aspirin non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs during the early
stages of pregnancy are more than two times more likely to miscarriage.

Passing on Hepatitis C Makes the Virus Harder to Fight

Though it’s possible to live with an infectious chronic virus without
ever putting other people at risk, mothers infected with chronic
diseases have a high chance of passing it on to their children.
Hepatitis C is one such virus that could potentially be passed on