ICSI Fertility Treatments and Birth Defects

Struggling with infertility when you desperately want a child can be devastating. It’s even been known to tear families apart. Many couples choose to explore alternative fertility options when they’re unable to conceive a child.

How Safe are Insulin Treatments for Preterm Infants?

Insulin is used to help treat various different types of diabetes, and
you may even know someone who takes insulin regularly. However, insulin
can also be used as therapy to improve glycemic control to reduce
morbidity and mortality in intensive care adults.

How Successful Is Egg Banking?

Recently, I was talking with a friend who was having trouble deciding
when she wanted children. She and her husband were mostly sure that they
wanted kids at some point, but they were both just settling down into
their careers and didn’t think they were ready to handle jobs and kids.

Bed Sharing Good for Breastfeeding, Bad for Infant Health

Both of my sisters as well as several cousins made the decision to
breastfeed their children immediately after birth. This is generally
accepted as one of the best feeding options because of the nutrients and
natural immunities that breast milks gives infants.

Aluminum in Infant Formula

Though most doctors agree that breastfeeding is the best choice after
pregnancy, many doctors also agree that sometimes it’s just not the best
option. If breastfeeding negatively impacts the health of the mother
and infant, then formula is recommended.

Eating Disorders May Cause Fertility Problems

Eating disorders are beginning to affect young women and men very early
in life. These issues definitely have an impact
on their physical health, but for women, they have an even more serious

Preterm Birth: A Side Effect of Contaminated Water?

In the United States we are often protected from some of the leading
causes of maternal and infant death associated with pregnancy. This is
because much of our country has access to clean drinking water, medical
help, and prenatal care.

Does Adolescent Anxiety Cause Depression?

In middle school, one of my friends started to show signs of an anxiety
disorder. Many teens and adolescents never get the help and support they need, and
many families don’t recognize just how serious anxiety can become.

Preparing for Pregnancy

To create the optimum environment for pregnancy, you have to be pretty healthy. That’s not to say I’m unhealthy, but when I do have children, I want them to be the healthiest possible. 

What Supplements Should You Be Taking?

I remember the first time I witnessed pregnancy first-hand. My sister found out she was pregnant, and we wanted to know all the details. There are a ton of supplements that women have to take, especially if they don’t get it in their everyday diet. 

Say No to Black Licorice During Pregnancy

I understand that some women have some pretty odd cravings when they’re pregnant, but while most foods don’t do much harm, there are some foods you should definitely avoid. One of these foods is glycyrrhiza glabra, or black licorice.