Cocaine Affects Prenatal Brain Development

Doing drugs while pregnant is not a good idea. I think that’s a statement most people can agree with. An acquaintance of mine adopted a child a long time ago when they found out that they couldn’t have children, and they eventually decided to adopt a special needs child.

Breastfeeding Adapts to Provide Beneficial Stomach Bacteria

All of my sisters started breastfeeding their children right away. Some
of them stuck with it longer than the others for one reason or another,
but they all made the choice to start out with breast milk because they
wanted to give their children all the nutrients they could.

Researchers Develop New Pediatric Liver Biopsy Technique

I don’t entirely enjoy being poked with sharp objects at the doctor’s office, but as an adult, I can understand its purpose. However, I also understand how needles can be absolutely terrifying for children, especially if they need more than just a simply booster shot.

Antihistamines During Pregnancy May Cause Birth Defects

Today, there are a lot of drugs being found to cause adverse reactions and birth defects in pregnant women that weren’t found before. Many of these drugs have been on the market for years and were only found to cause issues when the women taking them gave birth.

Smoking Can Have a Lasting Legacy

Though my dad smoked for many years, asthma has never run in our family.
The interesting thing though, is that my cousins and I could
potentially have children that develop asthma, even though most of us
don’t smoke.

New Cancer Drug Can Help Stop Infertility

Though not every cancer survivor becomes infertile, it’s common enough
for researcher to construct a new treatment that will hopefully be much
gentler and give women a greater chance to convince after going through
cancer treatments.

The Need for Iodine Supplements during Pregnancy

Iodine deficiency is usually pretty uncommon in the United States, but
in many other parts of the world, it’s the leading cause of mental
retardation and brain damage. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t feel
the effects of mild iodine deficiency during your pregnancy.

Reading With Your Children vs. Reading to Them

My favorite time of the day was always during school hours, and not just because I loved to learn. Sometimes, simply reading to your children is not enough to give them the pre-reading skills they need for modern preschools and kindergartens.

Natural Killer Cells May Stop Miscarriages

There are many reasons why some women are more prone to miscarriage and they usually have to do with some health issues or disorders. However, some women just are more likely to lose their children and researchers have been baffled as to why.