Pregnant couple in kitchenFrom the moment an expectant mom announces that she’s pregnant to the months after she gives birth, the world seems to shine a huge spotlight on her. She’s showered with special attention from family, friends and even strangers as her belly expands with new life.

“I can give up my seat if you want to sit down. Are you having a boy or girl? Have you thought of any names for the baby? Is this your first baby?”

Family, friends, folks at work want to celebrate mom-to-be with a baby shower. Meanwhile, expectant dad only receives a “that’s cool” acknowledgement from his best friend about the pregnancy.

It’s easy to understand how a dad-to-be can feel left out. Here are a few tips to include him:

Invite Dad to the Baby Showers

Check with your host to make sure expectant dad won’t feel out of place if you invite him to the baby shower. Even if he doesn’t participate in the games, he can serve as the scorekeeper. Also, he can record and take pictures of the event.

Make Room at Prenatal Appointments

Don’t assume that future dad isn’t interested in attending any of your prenatal appointments. Ask him if he wants to go with you. He may want to ask questions or express concerns directly to your health provider. When scheduling appointments, you should make the effort to schedule some of the appointments around his work schedule. If he’s unable to come with you, ask him if he has any questions or concerns that he wants you to ask on his behalf.

Get on Healthy Diet Wagon

Remember the goals both of you set to start eating healthy nutritious meals—some day? Well, some day is here and your pregnancy is the best reason to make the goals a reality.

Check with your doctor to make sure you don’t have any dietary restrictions. Then, stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables as well other nutritious goodies. Expectant mom and dad can support the other in eating well-balanced meals and snacks while providing essential nutrition for their unborn child.


Attend Childbirth Classes

I enjoyed teaching childbirth education classes for new parents. Not only were expectant dads and moms taught essential birth information, they were given activities to discover what the other may be feeling emotionally and physically. Plus, they bonded with class members who were on the same new parents’ journey. They learn to relax, laugh and to support the other.

Plan the Baby Nursery

Even if your guy isn’t the “do-it-yourself” type, he’s likely to have an opinion on the baby nursery. What color to paint the room? How about the flooring? What about the furniture, mattresses and bedding?

Whether it’s deciding to use an organic crib mattress in the nursery or to attend another baby shower, remember to include the dad-to-be. The new baby will not only change your life but his, too!

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