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We are a citizen-led coalition of home birth families, midwives, doctors & advocates who have come together to work toward a better, safer homebirth system.

Why I Can’t Support CPMs – Not a Single One

“Just because there are a few bad CPMs out there doesn’t mean that all CPMs should be vilified,” is a statement I have often read/heard when getting into discussions about home birth midwifery. I wholly disagree with that statement. Here’s why."

Another Home VBAC Death

I’ve recently learned of yet another baby dying during a home birth. This was a planned, midwife-attended home VBAC (also known as HBAC, home birth after cesarean).

If I'd Had a Home Birth

I sometimes wonder what my feelings about home birth would be now if we would have gone through with our home birth plans.

5 Minutes to the Hospital

Let’s be clear: "5 minutes to the hospital" does not exist. Even if a woman actually does live within a couple miles of a hospital, there’s more to it than that.

The Gentle Cesarean Birth

For those that need or want a cesarean section, the option to have a gentle cesarean birth – or certain aspects of it – is quite appealing to many moms-to-be.

Interview with the New York Times

I think the film The Business of Being Born is a dangerous piece of propaganda full of misinformation; it adds to the heaping pile of nonsense that makes women feel bad about themselves for not giving birth a certain way.

American Midwives, Part 3

Doula Dani's last installment on midwife certification and types of midwives in the United States. Read here to find out all about the NARM certified midwife.

American Midwives, Part 1

One of the reasons home birth midwifery in our country is trickier than other first world countries is because in the United States we have several different types of midwives.

Press Release Wrongfully Claims Home Birth is Safe

In January 2014, the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) published a study in the Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health and a press release was written to announce it. It was the press release heard ‘round the (home birth) world! Unfortunately, it was full of misinformation.