Largest study of babies born after infertility treatment shows significant improvements in health over past 20 years

Data from four Nordic countries confirm an overall improvement over time in the perinatal outcomes of children conceived after assisted reproductive technology. Furthermore, data show the beneficial effect of single embryo transfer, not only in regard to lowering the rate of multiples but also concerning the health of singletons.
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About 1,000 birth defects prevented yearly by mandatory folic acid fortificaction in the United States

A decline in the prevalence of neural tube defects (NTDs) was reported during the period immediately after mandatory folic acid fortification in the United States, which translated to approximately 1,000 births occurring annually without anencephaly or spina bifida that would otherwise have been affected.
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Opioid Prescriptions among Women in the United States Is a Major Concern

During 2008–2012, more than one fourth of privately insured and more than one third of Medicaid-enrolled reproductive-aged women (15–44 years) filled a prescription for an opioid from an outpatient pharmacy each year. Prescription rates were consistently higher among Medicaid-enrolled women when compared with privately insured women.
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