There is an app for everything and though many of them may seem quite pointless, a few are very helpful for keeping track of everyday things in your life. There are apps for games, sports, weather, and even for pregnancy. If you’ve recently found out you’re expecting, you may want to try out a few of these top pregnancy apps that will help you keep track of your baby’s growth, pregnancy symptoms, baby shopping lists and more.

BabyMed App
For those of you with iPhones, this app comes with lots of features that make tracking your fertility and pregnancy easy. Take advantage of due date and fertility calculators, track baby kicks, and explore all the other tools that come with it. You can download the BabyMed App on iTunes. If you check it out, please let us know what you think by leaving a review!


This fun app for iPhones allows you to track your pregnancy and see how your baby is developing. It was created by Alt12 Apps, Inc., and it not only allows you to virtually countdown to your due date, it also lets you see what symptoms you should be experiencing during specific times throughout your pregnancy. For example, at week 18 you might experience some dizzy spells and your app reassures you that is normal for many women. It also shows diagrams for the normal development of a fetus so you can “watch” your baby develop in the womb.

Peaceful Nursery
For all you eco-friendly moms out there, this app for iPhones lets you browse for eco-friendly products to go in your nursery. It features items like organic cotton sheets, organic crib mattresses, and other such products. It also comes with helpful tips on how to make your home healthier for your child once they’re born.

Another iPhone app, BabyBag, is a virtual checklist for what you need to pack for the hospital when it’s time to deliver your baby. It includes a customizable checklist for what you need to bring, and as you start collecting items and putting them in your bag, you can check them off your list. The list also gives you reminders about what you’ve forgotten and things you still need to check off your list. This is a helpful way to organize a “mommy bag” and a “daddy bag” so that you don’t forget anything you might need.

Foods to Avoid When Pregnant
This helpful app includes various lists of foods you should try to avoid during your pregnancy. The app breaks down the foods into eight main categories and within those categories they’re broken down even more. It also includes ways to prepare foods and tips for grey area foods like eggs, which can be eaten only when they’re thoroughly cooked.

I’m Pregnant
The last app is basically all of these other apps rolled into one. It makes it a little less detailed, but if you don’t want to keep track of a whole bunch of different apps, then this one is for you. You can track your baby’s development, keep packing lists, figure out which foods you can eat, and even keep a diary for symptoms and thoughts about your pregnancy.

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