Choking is obviously one of your biggest concerns regarding your baby. You have diligently baby-proofed the home removing all things smaller than your thumb to ensure that nothing will end up in our baby’s mouth that shouldn’t be there. The trinkets, the decorations and the tiny toys from the in-laws have all been locked away for now. This is certainly a good way to keep your baby safe from choking on a foreign object, but there might be some things you haven’t thought of that post a choking hazard to your infant. Sometimes, even the smallest, most innocent foods might be extremely dangerous for your baby’s health.

Seeds, even tiny ones, can pose a choking hazard for your baby. Even ones in small pieces of fruit might be too much for your baby under one year old to handle. Obviously, larger seeds and nuts that looks to big for your baby to swallow without chewing are dangerous, but even small ones can be lodged in your baby’s throat. When a seed becomes lodged in your baby’s throat, it can cause an infection that is painful and difficult to heal. Usually, when a seed becomes lodged in your baby’s throat, he or she will only cough briefly until it has passed through enough for breathing. Symptoms won’t be obvious until the infection actually develops and causes pain.

If you suspect your baby might have swallowed anything he or she shouldn’t have, contact your pediatrician immediately. Even if you think a seed might have been lodged in the throat but breathing is not obstructed, a simple x-ray will show your baby’s doctor whether or not immediate action might be required. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse as a serious chest infection could develop.

Keeping your baby safe from choking hazards is as easy as carefully controlling what your baby has in his or her hands. It’s safe to assume that anything your baby holds will eventually end up in his or her mouth. If you’re not sure whether or not a certain food will be safe for your baby to eat, check in with his or her pediatrician first. Sometimes, even the most harmless or small food can pose a hazard. Seeds in particular don’t seem like they would be very dangerous for your baby boy or girl, but they most certainly can be choked on if not swallowed properly.

Source: Sudhanshu Grover et al: Airway Foreign Body Aspiration. The Indian Journal of Journal Pediatrics Volume 78 Issue 11 pp. 1401-1403 November 2011

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