It is the age of technology and even toddlers and babies are crawling and tottering onto the bandwagon. This year, some of the hottest gifts for toddlers and children are tech gadgets designed to enhance cognitive and reading skills as well as mimic their parent’s own gadgets.

This year, tablets are the most popular child gadgets for Christmas, and in preparation for the holiday season, several new tablets have shown up on the market. Check out this list of the most sought after toddler tablets for this Christmas season.

Vtech MobiGo and VTech Innotab 3S
This tablet is designed for children up to eight years old, and the ideal market is for toddlers. The makers understand that children this young are still not entirely ready for real video games, so this tablet offers a wide range of different activities including sorting colors and shapes as well as more complex reading and math games. It comes with a cartridge, but games are able to be downloaded online as well. It comes with a keyboard, but also features touchscreen capabilities.

The VTech Innotab 3S is meant for older children since it has access to Wi-Fi, but still has apps suitable for toddlers and features a child-friendly design to protect against sticky fingers and accidents. Other features include a built in music player and 17 pre-loaded apps for instant enjoyment.

LeapPad 2
This new tablet from Leap Frog is ready for Christmas and has been called the most popular non-Android child’s tablet for 2013. Since the tablet is non-Android, all of the apps are controlled by LeapFrog, which guarantees consistent quality and promises better educational opportunities. In the same category is the LeapPad Ultra, which features a touch screen while the LeapPad2 is used with a stylus.

Fuhu Nabi 2
This tablet is the second generation tablet from Fuhu and is the most popular Android-based tablet for kids. The design of the Fuhu Nabi 2 resembles and Etch-a-Sketch, but that’s only to make sure it stays safe and intact while it’s being used by children and toddlers. This tablet features an impressive 8GB hard drive and a quad-core nVidia Tegra processor. Both of these make it the fastest running children’s tablet on the market.

Besides these most popular tablets, there are also other child-friendly tablets on the market, though many of them cater to older children going into their teens. These are the most toddler proof for 2013 and come with apps suitable for ages 2-12.

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