When you’re trying to get pregnant with your partner, you’ll probably pay a lot of attention to the little things to boost your chances. You might eat certain things and avoid others, drink only certain beverages and plan the time of conception down to the second. Pregnancy comes easy to some people, but certain couples need more time based on the sometimes inexplicable physiology of both parties. If you’re having trouble conceiving, you should talk to your doctor about it because there might be some underlying causes such as premature ovarian failure or any types of reproductive defects. In that case, he or she might prescribe some type of fertility treatment, but you should first consider another solution.

According to recent research, herbal remedies for infertility might actually be more effective than Western medicine or treatments. You should talk with your doctor first about taking any herbal remedies because many are unsafe once pregnancy actually starts, but they can help regulate your cycle and ovaries if taken at the proper time. However, herbs generally don’t work as quickly as highly concentrated Western medicine, so they need to be taken for a long stretch of time before actually having the desired effect. Experts recommend taking them for at least two months before expecting any real change. Once you speak with your doctor about a safe and effective herbal option, you can find many at your local vitamin shop or even an online retailer. One recent study shows that herbal supplements were twice more effective at promoting fertility than Western treatment.

Especially if you’re unsure about starting an expensive fertility treatment regimen with many possible side effects, it’s a great idea to try herbal remedies first. As long as you’re sure the herbs won’t interfere with your health once pregnancy begins, they are affordable and effective at promoting your fertility.

Waiting to become pregnant can be rough on couples, especially when both members are excited to start their new life with a baby. However, working on treating your fertility will give you hope, and treatment as simple as over the counter herbal remedies will have fewer side effects. Talk with your doctor as soon as possible if you and your partner have been trouble conceiving. There is a good chance the problem is minor, and a push in the right direction might be all your reproductive system needs to kick into gear.

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