Valentine’s Day is always fun when you’re little. It was exciting to fill out the cards and have a party at school, and even during pre-school it was great because my sisters and I always knew that Valentine’s Day meant waking up to a day of fun and sweets at school.

This Valentine’s Day, if you have to stay home with kids, don’t be bummed. Make it into a family date night. Though it’s true that Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday, it doesn’t mean that dads can’t take some time during the morning and afternoon to hang out with their kids before an early bedtime and a special date with mom. Check out some ways that toddlers can spend some quality time with dad on Valentine’s Day and help make the day special for mom too.

Dote on Your Daughters
If you don’t have a daughter, you can still spend some time with your son of course, but daughters love to be spoiled by their daddies. There were three of us girls, and Valentine’s Day was always a fun time with my dad. Since my dad is an artist, we also received a picture in addition to a stuffed animal and candy. Later in life, when we were all old enough to read, we also received hand written letters.

Help the Kids Spoil Mom
In reality, you’ll probably be directing and inventing the whole day, but it’s fun to let your kids think that they’re the ones doing everything for mom. To make the day special, “help” your toddlers make breakfast in bed for mom and then surprise her with a few gifts. The day before or even that morning, you can help your toddlers make a special present for mom such as a card, a decorated heart, or even a picture frame.

Later in the day, your kids can also help you do a few chores around the house for mom or even run a few errands. Taking your children out of the house can allow mom to relax while you spend some time with your toddlers.

Go on a Date
As a present to mom, take the kids out to the park for a few hours in the afternoon and let them run around. Not only is this a great daddy-and-me date, but it also allows your children to tire themselves out so that they can have an early bedtime and leave the evening free for your and your spouse.

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