Pregnancy is arguably all about the women because they’re the ones that carry around the child for nine months before giving birth. However, it’s important to consider your husband in the process as well, because he will be the one that helps raise your child until she is an adult. You don’t want your husband and your baby to be complete strangers when she’s born, and you definitely don’t want him to be completely unaware of the pregnancy process because that can make him feel detached from the whole thing and can negatively impact the bonding experience.

Check out some of these ways to involve your husband in your pregnancy so that he doesn’t feel left out and so that he can begin to bond with your baby right from the start.

Invite Your Husband to Your Appointments

Soon, your schedule will be filled with various appointments with your doctor to make sure that your pregnancy is on course. Ideally, these prenatal visits should happen every four weeks or so.  All of these are opportunities for you and your husband to watch your child grow together. Some of my friends even made their prenatal appointments into date nights and used the happy occasions to go out to dinner or see a movie.

Plan the Birth Together
Don’t just give your husband a list of things you want to bring to the hospital. Sit down with him and talk about what will happen on your delivery day. Make a list together and plan out the roles for both of you. Some dad’s want to be in the birthing room, and some don’t. Ask your partners opinion and talk about your own.

The point is, don’t just assume your husband will be as calm and collected about the birthing process as you may be. Perhaps he’s anxious and nervous. Talk about these feelings together so that you’re both on the same page and so you know that you’re both there for each other.

Take a Birthing or Parenting Class
Parenting classes can be fun and educational, especially if you’re pregnant with your first child. Though some husbands may be reluctant to give up a few weekends to learn about the birthing process and parenting, they will be happy to have the knowledge later after the baby is born. You can also make these weekend classes fun by turning them into date nights just like your prenatal visits.

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