Women who are pregnant with multiples are at a higher risk for pregnancy complications. Having a single baby takes a toll on the body, so having two only doubles the risk. More than two babies at a time can become dangerous, which is why doctors monitor these pregnancies closely. Having two or more babies when you expected only one is a blessing, but also a burden in the sense that you’ll need to be more careful. There is no way to prevent the potential risks you might face if you find out you’re having multiples, but there are certainly ways you can make their healthy delivery more likely. You need to take normal pregnancy advice and stick to it even more seriously when you’re having more than one baby.

As soon as you find out you’re having multiples, you need to improve your lifestyle. First, make sure you get to a healthy weight with diet and exercise. You should gain weight during your pregnancy, but not any more than your doctor recommends based on your size. A healthy weight will ensure that your babies do not grow beyond their healthy weight. Since multiples have less space in the womb than single babies, their size is extremely important. Eating too much sugar or unhealthy foods could make them grow beyond their limits, which could cause developmental problems. Additionally, you should stop smoking as soon as possible and reduce your stress levels. That way, you will keep blood flow normal to your babies, which will aid in healthy development. Both smoking and stress can restrict the blood vessels to a degree that will restrict the flow of nutrients to the womb.

Essentially, you need to be on your best behavior during pregnancy if you’re having multiples. Staying healthy and exercising regularly will allow for normal development. Since multiples use more of your body’s resources and take up more space in the womb, their health and development needs to be as normal as possible. Though it can be difficult to maintain your diet when your cravings are running rampant, it’s very important that you do, especially when you’re having multiples. Though having more than one baby puts extra stress on your body and makes for a stricter pregnancy, it will all be worth it when you have two or more beautiful babies to smile upon in the delivery room on the big day.
Source: Caroline A Crowther: Hospitalization and Bed Rest for Multiple Pregnancy. The Cochrane Library January 2009