After my younger sister gave birth to her daughter, she almost ceased to exist for a few months. I went to her house to see her, but she never went anywhere because she didn’t know how to get around town with a newborn. She was afraid she would start crying in the middle of dinner or wherever they were and she wouldn’t be able to stop it or have the privacy she needed to feed and comfort her daughter.

A lot of moms feel this way, but they can learn from the experience of other moms and pick up different trips and tricks for bringing your newborn out in public places.

Plan around Nap Time
First of all, your little one still sleeps a lot. That means you need to plan around nap time and avoid going out when your child is sleepy. Taking your child out during the middle of the day is the best way to make them cranky and fussy and more likely to cause the scene you’re trying to avoid. If you make plans, try to make them for the morning or evening. This will also decrease the chances of your child getting overexposed to bright sunlight during the summer months. 

Avoid Crowds
Crowds can also cause you newborn to become quickly overwhelmed, so if you do plan an outing, make sure it’s somewhere relatively quiet without many people. A quiet park is a good idea, or even a jog in a jogging stroller. Definitely avoid places like malls and shopping centers until your child is at least eight weeks old.

Try Carriers over Strollers
Baby carriers can help calm your child if you do end up going out to places with a lot of people around. Being close to your heartbeat can help avoid fussiness or crying and will reassure your child that they’re safe. If you do opt for a stroller, bring a carrier of some kind along just in case you end up needing to comfort your child by holding them close.

Be Prepared
Pack accordingly to help your newborn with their first forays out into the world. Bring their favorite toy and blanket as well as extra bottles, formula, diapers, and wipes. These will help you be prepared for anything your child might want and can help calm them down when they get overwhelmed.

Remember, your child will probably get overwhelmed no matter what you do, especially if it’s their first time going out in public. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do but turn around and go home and try again another day.

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