Today, the Take Your Child to Work Day program is still alive and it’s coming up on April 24th. Everyone can participate, even children of stay-at-home moms and dads. I remember one of my friends staying home with her mom, but she learned about all the chores her mom did during the day and got to help her out.

Setting up the Program
Even toddlers can be a part of this day, especially if your workplace is involved with the actual program. If your company doesn’t follow the program however, you still have time to talk to your boss and set up some activities and a tour of the facilities that are open for family members to view.

If you want your workplace to consider the event and put it in place for all employees to take their children to work, you can visit the website It has the resources you need to send to your employer and it also has activity ideas and even ways to purchase gifts for the children to commemorate the day.

Why Take Your Toddler to Work?

The idea behind Take Your Child to Work Day is to educate your children about what you do for a living and include them in your work life. For toddlers, this learning experience can help them begin to understand the responsibilities that come with growing up, and it can spark educational discussions about comparing jobs to day care or pre-school.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad, then this day can help your toddler learn more about the work that you do around your home. Toddlers can’t do all of the chores you do, but they can help with small things that will allow you to bond with your child and share experiences. They can help fold laundry, pick things up, and even help prepare meals. 

Really, Take Your Child to Work Day is just an excuse to hang out with your kids and show them something new. Your kids will love seeing your workplace because it will be filled with new people and fun things to do, and they will get to see you during the day, which they normally don’t get to do.

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