Somewhere along the way, dads got labeled as the least competent parent. Though it’s true there are more single moms than dads, the myth that dads aren’t as competent as moms needs to be busted. Growing up, my parent’s best friends were two single dads and each was raising two boys. Both of them eventually got remarried, but not until all of their boys were in high school or graduated. The bottom line is that dads are awesome when they make an effort to be dads, just like moms are awesome moms when they want to be. Check out these top four myths that give dads a bad name and why they simply aren’t true.

  1. Men Don’t Want Children Like Women Do
    This myth started because men typically want children later in life, not in their teens and early 20’s like many women do. However, just because men want to have children later, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want children. Men are often more concerned about providing for their families and feel that a stable job and home should come before children. 
  2. Men Aren’t As Sensitive to Their Baby’s Needs
    This myth is flat out untrue. It’s been proven that men’s hearts race just as fast as women’s when their babies scream and they can also identify their babies just by feeling their hands. Dads have no problem bonding and loving their children, all it takes it a desire to be a dad. When it comes to feeding, moms usually have the advantage of being able to breastfeed, but if children are bottle fed, babies will drink just as much as they would for moms and dads are just as sensitive when it comes to feeding and being attentive to their child’s needs. 
  3. Mothers Are Better At Caring For Babies
    It’s true that moms are the ones to carry around the baby for nine months and then give birth, but that doesn’t mean that they take care of babies any better than dads. Once again, it really all comes down to wanting to be a good parent and dedicated parents are the ones who take the best care of babies. 
  4. Dads Almost Never Look After Children
    For some families, this might be true. However, there are plenty of stay at home dads and plenty of moms are the primary breadwinner for the family. For a long time when I was little, my dad worked second shift and was our babysitter during the day. To this day he can braid my hair better than my mom.

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